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The Arctic Adventure

The Bailey Arctic Adventure set off in March 2017 from the world-renowned Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, travelled through Europe across the Arctic Circle to the Millbrook Winter Test Centre in Ivalo, Northern Finland and then back again.

The journey took 16 days to complete and the team visited 12 countries in the process, taking in some of Europe’s most iconic locations including the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the official home town of Santa Claus at Rovaniemi in Finland, and the Oresund Bridge linking Sweden to Denmark.

On this page you can find blog posts and videos from our trip, including the 2 part cinematic Arctic Adventure feature video.


The Arctic Adventure Blog Posts

Read on to find out what happened on the Arctic Adventure and our thoughts on the trip after we returned

The Arctic Adventure

In a further demonstration of strength and durability, Bailey of Bristol is about to embark on another marathon product endurance test. This time the company, in association with The Caravan and Motorhome Club, will be taking two caravans (a Pursuit 530-4 and 550-4) and one motorhome (an Autograph 75-2) on an epic 5,000 mile journey to the Arctic Circle.

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12 countries in 16 days

On Wednesday 2nd March, we kick off our ‘Arctic Adventure’, where we are taking two of our new 530-4 and 550-4 Pursuit caravans, as well as a top of the range Autograph motorhome 75-2, on an epic 5,000-mile journey through Europe, across the Arctic Circle, and back.

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Planning for the Arctic

Planning a holiday, and then looking forward to it, is all part of the fun, right? Well, planning for the Arctic Adventure was even more fun than usual.

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Brugge to Berlin & beyond

Contrasting. Of all the words in the English dictionary, this one sums-up the roads between the UK and Tallinn, Estonia the best.

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Towing at Test World

The Test World proving ground 300km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland had never had a caravan or motorhome on its test tracks before we rolled in 2,700 miles after starting our Arctic Adventure from its sister site, the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

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Ice Road Caravanners

Before the Bailey of Bristol ‘Arctic Adventure’, my ice road experience was limited to re-runs of Ice Road Truckers on the TV but our route to Ivalo, Finland gave us the opportunity to take to the ice with a caravan in tow.

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The Arctic to Bedfordshire

During the planning phase of the Arctic Adventure, the conversation was understandably dominated by the most northerly point on our expedition map – Ivalo, Finland. The journey through the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was our caravanning version of scaling Mount Everest with Test World, Ivalo, being our summit.

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Looking back at the Arctic

I have been feeling very restless since we got back from the awesome experience of the Arctic Adventure. The planning and preparations have been a big part of my life over the last few months, so it’s a bit strange now it is all over.

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Captain Scott

Having spent the past few months planning an expedition to the Arctic, little did we know that there we had a direct family link to the frozen wastes working in our office – and it was one of the most famous expeditions of all time.

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Hot vs Cold

The Arctic Circle and the Australian Outback are not the first places that come to mind when planning a trip in a caravan or motorhome.
But Bailey of Bristol took on these two epic adventures, first with their West2East challenge in 2015 and earlier this year the Arctic Adventure.

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Daily Arctic Adventure Vlogs

While we were on the trip, we filmed a series of vlogs. Watch the videos below to follow along on our adventures as they happened…

Day One - Thursday 2nd March - Millbrook to Brugge

The Brandenburg Gate

The Celebrity Chef

First taste of the Arctic

Open roads lead to Finland

The Oulu ice road

Arctic Highlights


The Arctic Adventure Feature Video

Watch both parts of our Arctic Adventure feature video below

The Arctic Adventure Part 1

The Arctic Adventure Part 2