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At Bailey, we are one big family. We have been building Bailey leisure vehicles here in South Bristol since 1948 and are now very much part of the local community. The majority of our employees live nearby and been with us for a long time (average length of service is actually 10 years). As result, our workforce possesses the necessary skill and experience to successfully manufacture a complex range of caravans and motorhomes in the same plant.

Unlike many of our competitors all of our full-time technicians are salaried to ensure everybody working here is focused on quality as well as quantity. This way, we encourage our employees to take ‘ownership’ of the production process, work closely as a team and participate in the development of our products.

In return, we see strong staff satisfaction, morale and motivation, which is why our productivity levels are the highest in the industry.

Whilst a product is only as good as the people behind it, it is important that they have the tools to do the work required. Consequently, over the past two decades in particular Bailey has invested heavily in its South Liberty Lane production facility, to the extent that it is now widely regarded as one of the most advanced in Europe. Central to this was the installation of the UK’s first and to-date only mechanised assembly line, which means our technicians can devote all of their time to actually building our leisure vehicle improves both the speed and accuracy of the production process.

Not wishing to rest on our laurels however, we have recently taken the bold decision to completely re-develop our existing 14.5-acre site over the next five years to push UK leisure vehicle manufacturing to the next level. The relocation of our Parts Direct operation to North Bristol and our Large Panel Laminating Plant (where we produce the caravan sides, ceilings and floors) to North Somerset we have cleared the space for building work to begin. In 2016 Phase One of the programme was completed with the construction of a purpose-built Replenishment Centre which allows us to house the thousands of components required to create our caravans and motorhomes under one roof.

We are confident that with this investment, along with the continued support of our loyal workforce, Bailey caravans and motorhomes will remain a familiar sight throughout the country for seventy more years.


South Liberty Lane - the home of Bailey of Bristol

We moved to our current home nearly sixty years ago when we very much a fledgling business. Since then the company has changed beyond all recognition and our site has grown ten-fold in size.

Scroll through the timeline below to see some of the key changes we have made during our time at South Liberty Lane and see how the site has grown and changed over the years.

Bailey Of Bristol site in 1960


Bailey first moved to South Liberty Lane in 1960 when the original site was around 1.5 acres in size. The main reason for re-locating here was the proximity to the A38 (the main road to the right of us) which at the time was the route holidaymakers would use to travel to the South West.

Bailey Of Bristol site in 1982


Twenty-two years later we trebled the size of our production plant following the purchase of the two sections of industrial land either side of the original site. This coupled with advances in manufacturing techniques and design technology allowed for significant increases in caravan production volumes during this decade.

Bailey Of Bristol site in 1998


In the late 90’s the vacant land immediately to the east of us was put up for sale and it became home to a new body shell panel laminating plant, an expanded component stores building and the finished product dispatch yard. With no immediate sign of any extra space becoming available in the near future, Bailey looked to sustain future growth by investing in the mechanisation of its main assembly line.

Bailey Of Bristol site in 2009


Further land acquisition in 2009 facilitated the next phase of factory development allowing us to cater for the increase in demand for our ever-popular touring caravan ranges and to put us in a position to expand into the motorhome market. The introduction of Bailey’s ground-breaking Alu-Tech body shell construction system the same year meant further upgrades to the main assembly line were again required.

Bailey Of Bristol Replenishment Centre in 2016


In 2016 we took the bold decision to completely re-develop our now 14.5-acre site to push UK leisure vehicle manufacturing to the next level. By relocating our parts operation to North Bristol and our large panel lamination plant to North Somerset we freed up the space for building work to begin. A year later the first phase the programme was completed with the construction of a purpose-built replenishment centre which houses the thousands of components required to create our caravans and motorhomes under one roof.


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