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Browse our FAQs for help and advice on all aspect of buying and owning a Bailey caravan or motorhome.

Bailey of Bristol is an established British manufacturer of leisure vehicles, including caravan, motorhome and campervan models.

Founded in 1948 by Martin Bailey, the company has over 75 years’ experience in manufacturing leisure vehicles that have comfort, convenience and adventure built into every one.

With a focus on craftsmanship, innovation and customer satisfaction, Bailey is recognised as one of the leading brands and manufacturers in the industry, offering caravans that feature modern design and innovative construction techniques.

Bailey is the UKs longest established manufacturer with over 75 years’ experience in caravan design and production.

They have a reputation for making high-quality, reliable caravans that offer excellent value for money.

Available in a range of different models and layouts to suit a wide variety of requirements they are all built using the company’s patented Alu-Tech construction technology and are backed with a comprehensive warranty.

All of which makes them a great choice for anybody looking for a top-quality UK-made touring caravan.

Bailey of Bristol currently produces 5 caravan ranges (Discovery, Phoenix GT75, Pegasus Grande GT75, Unicorn and Alicanto Grande) offering everything from lightweight entry-level practicality to spacious twin-axle 8ft wide luxury.

They also offer 2 coachbuilt motorhome ranges (Adamo and Autograph)

Finally, a campervan range is now available – the Bailey Endeavour.

Bailey of Bristol is located in South West England, with their headquarters in Bristol.

The main difference between a caravan and a motorhome (or campervan) is that caravans are towed, while motorhomes and campervans have an integral engine and can be driven independently.

One of the key points when choosing between a caravan or a motorhome / campervan is whether you want a vehicle that you can pitch up so you can use your car independently, or if you want a self contained vehicle that doesn’t require towing.

In both instances you can choose between a large selection of models which suit a wide range of budgets and needs.


Choosing the right Bailey of Bristol caravan for you will depend on your own individual needs and preferences.

Consider factors such as size, weight, layout, features and cost before making your decision.

An approved Bailey Retailer can help to advise you on the best model for you based on these factors, as well as providing advice on any additional accessories or options that may be available.

Owning a Bailey of Bristol caravan provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

Bailey caravans are designed for practicality and ease-of-use, with innovative features such as light-weight aerodynamic design, superior thermal insulation and advanced heating systems.

When buying a caravan there are several things you should consider.

Firstly, make sure that the model is suitable for your needs in terms of layout and number of berths required.

Secondly, you need to check that your car is capable of towing the caravan you are looking to buy. If not, you’ll need to consider changing your car or consider a different caravan.

Once you’ve found a suitable caravan, you’ll need to check what accessories and equipment you require, as well as the insurance costs and servicing fees to ensure you can afford the upkeep of your caravan for years to come.

The Bailey of Bristol flagship range is the Alicanto Grande.

Built on an 8ft wide chassis, this range is designed to be generous in every direction. Each model features a spacious, contemporary interior alongside the latest appliances, technology and safety features.

Choose from three fully specified layouts, all offering accommodation for up to four people – excellent for couples or families.

Choosing the right Bailey of Bristol motorhome for you will depend on factors such as size, weight, layout, features and cost.

Consider how much space and storage you need, as well as the weight of motorhome you are able to drive on your licence.

An Approved Bailey Retailer can help to advise you on the best model based on these factors, as well as providing advice on any additional accessories or options that may be available.

The top of the range Bailey motorhome is the Autograph.

The Autograph range features the Bailey Alu-Tech body shell and a luxurious interior, with modern features and smart design.

It has eight sophisticated layouts for up to six people, making it ideal for everyone from couples to large families and groups.

Additionally, the Autograph is equipped with a fully specified cab featuring air conditioning, cruise control, sat nav and reversing camera, plus driver and front passenger airbags.

When buying a motorhome, it is important to be aware of the limitations of your licence, especially the weight of the motorhome that you are able to drive on it, and the legal requirements for road use in your country.

Additionally, you should consider the running costs of the vehicle including fuel, servicing and insurance, as well as any accessories or upgrades you may want or need.

Finally, take your time to explore all the available models and options so that you can make an informed decision about which motorhome best suits your individual needs.

A: We sell our caravans, motorhomes and campervans through a network of Approved Bailey Retailers.

Details of your local Bailey agent can be found here.

A: Given the complexity of our products we only sell them through a network of Approved Bailey Retailers.

They will be able to provide you with expert advice on which of our vehicles best suit your needs, prepared the vehicle for use and carry out the necessary servicing of the vehicle during ownership.

Details of your local Bailey agent can be found here

A: Approved Bailey Retailers will be the best place to find a comprehensive range of pre-owned Bailey caravans, motorhomes and campervans.

Details of your local Bailey agent can be found here

A: You can either download an electronic version of the caravan, motorhome or campervan brochures or request a hard copy using the Downloads link at the bottom of the homepage or any product page.

A: Information on historic Bailey ranges, including a brochure download, can be found in our pre-owned caravan and pre-owned motorhome archives.

These include details on Bailey caravans manufactured from 2005 onwards and Bailey motorhomes manufactured from 2011 onwards.

If you have a question relating to Bailey vehicle built before these dates please contact our Customer Services Team here

A: Approved Bailey Retailers will be able to provide you with information on the range of funding options available on a new Bailey caravan or motorhome purchase. Examples of the types of finance available can be found here.

Please note typically finance is only available to UK residents 18 years or over and is subject to status

The Bailey Bear is quite possibly the best travelled bear in the Nation. He’s the travel companion of Bailey owners all around the country, who share their photos tagged #thebaileybear. You can find out more on the link below.

The Bailey Bear

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*Terms and conditions apply

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A: Bailey caravans come with a 6 year Bodyshell Integrity Warranty and a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Bailey motorhomes come with a 3 year Base Vehicle Warranty, a 6 year Bodyshell Integrity Warranty and a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Bailey campervans come with a 3 year base vehicle warranty, a 3 year Bodyshell Integrity Warranty and a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Full details of the cover provided can be found in the warranty section of this web site and in your Owners’ Handbook.

This cover is provided subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, in particular, the regular annual servicing of the vehicle. The base vehicle of a motorhome or campervan has an independent warranty, and any questions regarding this, should be directed to either Peugeot. or Ford, depending on which model you own.

A: We would always recommend that the servicing of our vehicles is carried out by an Approved Bailey Retailer or an Approved Bailey Service Centre. Details of your local agent can be found here.

For motorhomes, the base vehicle will need to be serviced by the manufacturers local Approved Service Centre. Depending on which model you own, please contact the Customer Care Team at either Peugeot. or Ford for more information.

A: In order to protect your investment and to maintain the warranty policy, you must have your caravan, motorhome or campervan serviced annually from new.

The service should take place on or around the anniversary of the original date of purchase. For the first, second, fourth and fifth years of ownership we allow a 6 week service window either side of this date.

However, the third and sixth services must be completed by the third and sixth anniversaries of the original date of purchase respectively.

A: Your warranty policy agreement is with supplying Retailer and they are obligated to carry out any warranty work on your behalf.

Alternatively, all Bailey Approved Retailers or Bailey Approved Service Centres are authorised carry out this work, but it is at the discretion of the individual Retailer whether they wish take on any additional customers who have not purchased the vehicle from themselves.

Details of your local Bailey agent can be found here.

A: In order to ensure that any modifications or upgrades to your vehicle are completed to the required standard it is recommended that they are carried out by an Approved Bailey Retailer or Approved Bailey Service Centre. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty on your vehicle.

Please note that as a volume manufacturer Bailey is unable to cater for variations from standard specification. However, your supplying Bailey Retailer may be able to accommodate such requests.

A: The balance of the Bailey warranty supplied with your vehicle is fully transferable to new owners if it is re-sold, provided the terms and conditions, most notably the annual servicing of the vehicle, have been adhered to.

In order to transfer the warranty please forward the following information, along with a completed Vehicle Warranty Transfer Form to Bailey of Bristol, South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS:

    • Customer name, address and vehicle VIN number


    • Photo copy or scan of your Owner’s Manual confirming the service history of the vehicle


    • Photo copy or scan of a proof of purchase of the vehicle


    • A cheque for £50 (made payable to ‘Bailey Caravans Ltd’) to cover administration costs


You will receive confirmation of the transfer of warranty in approximately 4 weeks. Please note that this must be done within three months of your purchase date in order for the warranty to remain valid.

A: Warranty extensions are available as insurance based policies either direct from MB&G Insurance Services or via your supplying Retailer. For further information please visit the MB&G website

Please note that these are insurance based policies and as such independent of Bailey of Bristol

A: First Owners – your supplying Bailey Retailer will automatically register your ownership details with us once you have taken delivery of your new caravan or motorhome. The warranty cover provided with your vehicle will commence from the day it is registered in your name by your supplying Retailer (normally immediately after collection of the caravan or motorhome).

Subsequent Owners – you can request this yourself by following the procedure detailed in the warranty section of this web site. Please note that this must be done within three months of your purchase date in order for the warranty to remain valid.

A: There is a wealth of technical information to be found in the Owners Handbook. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for then your supplying Retailer should be your first point of contact with any queries relating to the vehicle they have sold you. Failing that you can contact the Bailey Customer Services Team with your question here

Please note that should you need to contact us directly we will endeavor to respond to your query as soon as possible, but during busy periods this can take anything up to five working days.

A: Electronic versions of the Owners’ Handbooks for both current and recent Bailey leisure vehicles are available to download here. Hard copies are also available to purchase through PRIMA Leisure

A: Your supplying Retailer should be your first point of contact with any technical issues relating to the vehicle they have sold you.

If you are away in your vehicle and require assistance locally then any of our other Approved Bailey Retailers or Approved Service Centres may be able to help.

In both cases an inspection of the vehicle may well be required in order to agree the necessary course of action.

A: We would recommend that you contact your supplying Bailey Retailer in writing, copying the letter to the Bailey Customer Service Team, quoting the serial number of your vehicle requesting a response explaining how they will resolve your complaint.

We will endeavor to work in conjunction with the Retailer in question to reach a resolution on your behalf.

A: Yes. Two of our Bailey Brand Ambassadors have put together these handy guides on what to do before setting off on your adventures for the first time.



A: You can find more information on The Bailey Owners Club and how to become a member on their website

A: Bailey parts and accessories can be sourced on a chargeable basis either from Bailey direct, via PRIMA Leisure, or through any Approved Bailey Retailer. Details of your local Bailey agent can be found here

A: PRIMA Leisure is the home of Bailey parts and accessories. They are a separate company, wholly owned by Bailey of Bristol, who specialise in the supply of parts and accessories to the outdoor leisure industry.

With a choice of up to 20,000 products available to purchase through a dedicated website, you can order items on-line to be delivered direct to your door.

A: PRIMA Leisure supplies a comprehensive range of replacement parts to the public on a chargeable basis. Warranty parts are only made available to Approved Bailey Retailers and Approved Bailey Service Centres for fitment upon approval of an appropriate warranty claim.

A: Yes. Whilst PRIMA offers a complete range of parts for Bailey caravans and motorhomes, it also stocks a number of generic items suitable for use in all makes of leisure vehicle.

A: The expert team at PRIMA Leisure are the people to speak to for all enquires relating to the supply of replacement Bailey parts. To help them identify the correct parts for your caravan or motorhome they will require its VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) which can be found as follows:

For Caravans, the VIN number can be found etched into the chassis under the front A-Frame cover (all models) and on all principal caravan windows (models built from 1992 onwards only).

For Motorhomes the VIN can be found on the lid of the glovebox on the front dashboard.

In all cases, your VIN number will also be recorded on the documentation received when you purchased the vehicle in question.

A: Typically PRIMA Leisure will stock genuine vehicle spare parts for Bailey leisure vehicles for up to 8 years. If the original part is not available then the team at PRIMA will endeavour to advise on a suitable alternative.

A: These are the three vehicle weights quoted for all new Bailey caravans and motorhomes (in compliance with both European Standards and British Legislation)

MRO (formerly MiRO or Ex-Works Weight) stands for ‘Mass in Running Order’ and is effectively the weight of the caravan or motorhome as it leaves the factory in its standard form. All items listed in the Product Specifications of our vehicles are included in this figure.

Please note that within the quoted MRO figure there is an allowance made for ‘essential habitation equipment’ which consists of the following:

1 x full gas bottle & 1 x mains electric cable = 14 kgs. In addition if a ‘wet’ central heating system, such as ALDE, is fitted as part of the standard specification an a additional 10kgs in single axle models and 12kgs in twin axle models is allowed for the fluid within the system.

MPTLM (formerly Maximum Gross Weight) stands for the ‘Maximum Permissible Laden Mass’ and is the maximum weight a vehicle can be inclusive of the user payload (as determined by the capacity of the vehicle chassis)

User Payload is the difference between the MPTLM and the MRO and is the maximum additional weight that can be added to the vehicle through the loading of personal possessions and fitment of optional extras

A: It depends on whether it is a caravan or a motorhome.

The declared MPTLM of our caravans in some instances may be lower a value than the maximum capacity of the vehicle chassis. In these cases a weight plate upgrade may be available dependent upon the model. This upgrade can be purchase either from your supplying Bailey Retailer or direct through PRIMA Leisure

A list of weight plate upgrades on our current caravan models can be found here. Should you wish to enquire about the availability of a weight plate upgrade on a historic Bailey caravan please contact our Customer Services Team

However it is not possible to upgrade the MPTLM on any Bailey motorhome as the declared weight is always the maximum possible to provide the highest payload

A: Caravans – Following the recent change to UK towing rules as of 16th December 2021:

  • If you have a Category B licence then you can drive an outfit (car + caravan) with a total weight (or Maximum Authorised Mass) of up to 8,250kgs irrespective of when you passed your driving test.


Other restrictions may apply. Please refer to the web site for more information


A. Motorhomes – For motorhomes it continues to depend on when you passed your test. Fundamentally:

  • If you have a Category C1 licence and you passed your test prior to 1st January 1997 then you can drive a motorhome with an MPTLM (or Maximum Authorised Mass) of up to 7,500 kgs.
  • If you have a Category C1 licence and you passed your test prior to 1st January 1997 then you can drive a motorhome with an MPTLM (or Maximum Authorised Mass) of up to 3,500 kgs.


Other restrictions may apply. Please refer to the website for more information


For motorhomes it is possible for you to drive heavier vehicles than your original licence allows, however this will require you to pass an additional driving test. Full details of these can be found on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

A: This will depend upon the kerb weight of your tow vehicle which can be found in the relevant vehicle documentation.

Some caravan owners, particularly those new to towing, prefer to limit the actual laden weight of the caravan to no more than 85% of the tow car kerb weight.

However experienced caravan owners will often tow the legal maximum weight of 100% of the tow car kerb weight.

A: In order to meet the legal requirements for towing a caravan your car will need to be fitted with a 50mm tow ball, a breakaway cable (to prevent separation of the main coupling), a 13-pin plug and socket (or suitable adaptor) and a third number plate to be fitted to the rear of the caravan.

In addition extended towing mirrors are also legally required to ensure you have an adequate view of the rear of your towing outfit.

A: This information can be found in your Owner’s Handbook, In addition for caravans it is shown on the weight plate underneath the main habitation door and for motorhomes it can be found on the weight plate located inside the passenger door frame of the cab

A: The British Tyre Manufacturer’s Association advise that leisure vehicle tyres should be replaced after 5 years of service and never used when more than 7 years old. However tyres that are damaged or worn should be replaced immediately. Regular inspection of tyres is strongly recommended

A: PRIMA Leisure sell a range of PRIMA branded inflatable awnings for both caravans and motorhomes, full details of which can be found on the PRIMA website. Currently they do not sell any conventional frame awnings.

A: The awning size for your caravan can be found in the Owners’ Manual supplied with your vehicle.

Electronic versions of current and historic Owners Manuals can be found here. The figures quoted are ground to ground measurements and should be interpreted as a guide only. Sizes should be confirmed with your supplying Retailer or the awning manufacturer prior to purchase.

A: It depends whether it is a motorhome or a caravan.

All Bailey motorhomes have fixing points within the rear panels to take the fitment of a bicycle rack. Your supplying Retailer will be able to advise you on suitable models of bicycle rack and their fitment. Please note that the maximum combined weight of the rack and bicycle(s) must not exceed 60kgs.

Bike racks can also be fitted to the Endeavour campervans.

Conversely no Bailey caravans have fixing points in the rear panel to accommodate the fitment of a bicycle rack. Extensive testing by Bailey of Bristol and the University of Bath into trailer stability showed that the positioning of excess weight at the extreme ends of a caravan leads to instability resulting in unsafe towing conditions. Consequently therefore we would not recommend the fitment of this item on any of our caravans.

A: Yes in most cases it is possible to fit an air conditioning unit onto the roof of your caravan or motorhome. Your local Approved Bailey Retailer will be able to provide you with information on the technicalities and cost of fitment

A: Many of the current Bailey caravan and motorhomes now have a solar panel fitted as standard but in most cases it is also possible to retrofit one onto the roof of your caravan or motorhome. Your local Approved Bailey Retailer will be able to provide you with information on the technicalities and cost of fitment.

A: The following tips will help you prepare your vehicle for the winter months and keep it in good condition until the start of your next touring season

    • Fully open all the taps, including shower mixer, and leave in the open position


    • Open all tank drain valves to drain onboard and external tanks, and leave open


    • Unscrew the shower head and shower hose, shake out remaining water and allow water to drain


    • Run pump for a short time, to remove any excess water from the system


    • Fit the exterior cowl cover to the water heater


    • Clean waste pipes and tanks using a sterilising fluid


    • Empty the toilet cassette and clean thoroughly with Thetford Cassette Tank Cleaner


    • Lubricate the seals using Thetford Seal Lubricant to keep them soft and pliable


    • Reinsert the cassette remembering to leave the toilet blade open to prevent the seals from drying out


    • Empty the fresh water tank using the drain tube and drain the toilet reservoir


    • If the vehicle is being stored while connected to 230v mains power, ensure that the leisure battery is connected, the isolator switch on PSU is in the ‘ON’ position and the control panel is switched ‘OFF’. Vehicles can be left in this condition for extended periods, with the charger operating to maintain the battery. However, periodic maintenance and inspection is recommended.


    • If the vehicle is being stored not connected to 230v mains power and an alarm or tracker device is fitted, ensure that the leisure battery is connected, the isolation button on PSU is in the ‘OFF’ position and the control panel is in the ‘OFF’ position


    • The alarm or tracking device will eventually drain the leisure battery and it will need to re-charged as required


    • If an alarm or tracker device is not fitted then the leisure battery can be removed and stored in a dry place


    • Ensure the gas manifold taps are turned off and the gas supply is isolated at the gas bottle


    • Inspect condition of the gas hose and regulator. Replace if required


    • Clean inside of fridge, turn it off and leave door open


    • Fit winter fridge vent covers (if available)


    • Clean hob and inside of oven, grill and microwave


    • Unplug microwave


    • Check batteries fitted in smoke and C02 alarms, replace as required


    • Where possible leave your vehicle on a flat open area of hard standing free of debris and obstructions


    • For caravans lower the height of the jockey wheel slightly to prevent the pooling of water on the caravan roof


    • Wash and polish the exterior of your leisure vehicle using premium cleaning products such as Autoglym or Fenwicks


    • Ensure all windows, skylights and access doors are closed and secured


    • A purpose made caravan storage cover may be used but please ensure it is made of a breathable fabric, properly sized and securely fitted


    • If being left unattended for an extended period regularly rotate the vehicle wheels (preferably every two weeks) to prevent flat spots on the tyres


    • Remove as many personal possessions (notably bedding, clothing and perishable items) and store them at home


    • When possible remove all upholstery cushions and store them in a dry and well ventilated area. Failing that place the cushions on their ends in the centre of the floor of the leisure vehicle to maximise the air circulation


    • Leave all lockers, cupboards and inter connecting doors open to maximise air circulation


    • Ensure all fixed ventilation points are clear from debris and obstructions


    • Leave all blinds and curtains in the open position


  • Placing water absorbent crystals in the van during the winter months, will help reduce moisture levels and potential mould growth

A: Leisure vehicles can be susceptible to temporary condensation if the ambient temperature difference between inside and outside changes, most notably when a cold leisure vehicle is heated up rapidly. It is a natural phenomenon and whilst it cannot be eliminated completely the following tips will help you maintain a more comfortable environment inside your leisure vehicle.

Tips for overcoming condensation

    • Open the roof lights in your leisure vehicle


    • Leave windows partially open on the night-vent position


    • Leave inter connecting doors in the vehicle open to maximise air circulation


    • Ensure all fixed ventilation points are clear from debris and obstructions


    • Minimise the amount activity which creates moisture in the air (e.g. taking a shower or boiling a kettle) late at night


  • Keep temperatures at night to a minimum as hot air contains water vapour

A: To help assist you with the care of the upholstery in your caravan or motorhome, our two soft furnishing suppliers, Belfield Leisure and Leisure Furnishings have produced upholstery care guides that can be found below:

Belfield Leisure Upholstery Care Guide

Leisure Furnishings Upholstery Care Guide

A:If you did not find what you were looking for you can contact Bailey directly