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5 Berth Caravans

We currently have two 5 berth caravans – the Phoenix+ 650 and the Pegasus Grande SE Ancona. Both are caravans for sale from Bailey Authorised Retailers.

New to caravanning? Check out our beginner’s guides here.

The five-berth Phoenix+ 650

The Phoenix+ range is the perfect balance between comfort, space and affordability. The Phoenix +650 features a front lounge, well-appointed central kitchen, bunk beds and separate dining area and a rear bathroom. It’s packed with features and ready for couples and families alike.

The five-berth Pegasus Grande SE Ancona

The Pegasus Grande SE range is an 8 foot wide range to give you more space and comfort for all the family. The Pegasus Grande SE Ancona features a front lounge with parallel seating, a kitchen with plenty of worktop space, a centrally positioned washroom and a rear L-shaped lounge with plenty of storage that can be converted into a double bed with the option to add a single bunk above.

Which five berth caravan is best?

The best caravan is the one that suits you and your family. If you want fixed bunks, a rear washroom and a separate dinette, the Phoenix+ 650 could be the caravan for you. Or if you want a wider caravan, then the Ancona may be what you are looking for.

How many people does a 5 berth caravan sleep?

The berth means the number of sleeping spaces a caravan has, so a 5 berth caravan has five beds and is designed to accommodate five people comfortably.

What is the largest touring caravan available?

Both of our 5 berth caravans give you space to travel with your family of five, but if you need extra space, we have two 6 berth caravans available in the Pegasus Grande SE range. Both are 8ft wide with a rear washroom, separate dinette area and well-appointed kitchen.

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2 berth touring caravans

Our 2 berth caravans include:

  • One vehicle in our Discovery range, the D4-2.
  • One vehicle in our Phoenix+ range, the 420.
  • One vehicle in our Unicorn range, the Seville.

3 berth touring caravans

Our 3 berth caravans include:

  • One vehicle in our Discovery range, the D4-3.

4 berth touring caravans

Our 4 berth caravans include:

  • One vehicle in our Discovery range, the D4-4.
  • Four vehicles in our Phoenix+ range, the 440, 642, 644 and 640.
  • Six vehicles in our Unicorn range, the Madrid, Cadiz, Vigo, Cabrera, Cartagena and Pamplona.
  • Four vehicles in our Pegasus Grande SE range, the Rimini, Brindisi, Bologna and Messina.
  • Four vehicles in our Alicanto Grande range, the Estoril, Sintra, Faro and Porto.

6 berth touring caravans

Our 6 berth caravans include:

  • Two vehicles in our Pegasus Grande SE range, the Turin and Palermo.