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Flexible, durable and endlessly adaptable. The Endeavour – Bailey’s first campervan range – is packed with heavyweight features that make light work of whatever is on the horizon.

Made for living life in the moment and out on the road, compact by design, immense in performance, and adventurous by nature, the first campervan range from Bailey is primed and ready.

It’s designed and engineered to be agile so that you can simply pack up and take off. At the same time it’s smart and spacious for every stay along the way. So no matter what’s in front of you, Endeavour has your back through every twist and turn.

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£69,999 - £74,999

The world awaits with the new Bailey Endeavour. Compact in design, immense in performance, our first ever campervan has everything you need for adventure on-the-fly. With an interior that adapts to your needs, escape has never come faster. Ready when you are.

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Cold Chamber testing the Endeavour Campervan

From one extreme to the other. Facing the cold climate-controlled chamber head-on. Endeavour was up against temperatures of -15°C. Testing like this further cements the character that sets Endeavour apart from the rest – resilient and ready for anything.

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Endeavour EV - Bailey's Electric Campervan Concept Vehicle

Bailey have developed the Endeavour EV as a fully operational electric campervan concept vehicle developed in partnership with Ford Pro. The Endeavour EV is based upon Ford’s E-Transit platform and has been designed with sustainability in mind. For example, all services and appliances in the Endeavour EV are fully electric, meaning no fossil fuels are required to power the motorhome when in use.

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Frequently asked questions

Campervans are simply a van that has had the interior converted into a living space, whereas motorhomes have had a purpose-built living area added onto the chassis behind the cab.

Bailey use Ford as the base vehicle for our campervans and motorhomes, with the living space on our motorhomes being constructed using our Alu-Tech bodyshell construction.

All our campervans and motorhomes have seating that converts into a large double bed, a cooker and fridge, a kitchen unit, cupboards and a kitchen sink, and all come with a washroom that includes a shower, sink and toilet.

Motorhomes are also generally bigger than campervans but Bailey also offer a narrower motorhome in the Alora range, so there really is something for everyone regardless of the type and size of vehicle you want to choose.

Some of the best things to consider when buying a campervan are:

  • Budget
  • How many people you want to travel and sleep in the motorhome
  • What kind of layout you want
  • How often you will use it
  • Where you want to go
  • Where you will store it when it’s not in use

A good place to start is by asking yourself these questions and then building on the detail from there.

If you are completely new to campervans, your local Bailey Retailer can help you to find the campervan that might be right for you.

Bailey’s current range of campervans is the Endeavour and prices range from £69,999 – £74,999.

Owners who regularly use their campervan may expect a lifespan of around 200,000 miles. That being said, you could increase your campervan’s lifespan up to 300,000 miles, on average, depending on driving conditions and how well it is maintained.

A campervan gives you the freedom to travel where and when you want, with all the comforts of home included. In a Bailey campervan you have a living space, kitchen and a washroom as standard so have everything you need to hit the road.

The current Endeavour range has a choice of two or four berths, and the B64 includes a pop-top which means more space.

With a campervan you can travel independently to other countries and see more of the country that you may be able to when staying in hotels.

Bailey campervans are equipped with heating systems, water tanks and a roof mounted solar panel, so you can comfortably explore remote locations off-grid.

The Bailey Endeavour campervan range has been cold chamber tested to -15 degrees centigrade and maintained a temperature of over 20 degrees centigrade inside. You can find out more about this testing here

Some of the basic ongoing costs of a campervan are:

  • Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Annual servicing for the engine, running gear and living space
  • Buying and replacing equipment and accessories such as toilet chemicals, kitchen equipment, bedding, cleaning supplies and camping furniture

A lot depends on when you passed your test. If your licence was issued before 1st January 1997, then you can generally drive a heavier vehicle than if you passed after this.

However, most people will be able to drive a campervan of 3500kg and under and the Bailey Endeavour range all come in at 3500kg. Check your licence for your own maximum weight and any other restrictions.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club have a good page on what licence you need to drive different motorhomes here

It really depends on your needs, who’s travelling with you, and what you’ll use the campervan for. Think about who will join you, what you need to bring, and how much space you need inside.

In our Bailey Endeavour campervan range, we currently offer two different layouts – the B62 and B64. Both have flexible lounges that turn into twin or double beds, and the B64 has a pop-top sleeping area. Both models come with a wind-out awning, Truma Diesel Combi heating, and a 100 watt solar panel.

It’s a good idea to talk to a local Bailey Retailer about your needs or you can also visit the Bailey stand at the NEC shows in February and October to see the campervans we offer in person.

Our Retailers also attend other shows throughout the year so there are plenty of chances to see the van you are interested in in person. Keep an eye on our News & Events page for upcoming events.

Our Bailey Endeavour B64 model is a great size for a family of four. It’s a modern campervan designed for four people, with a pop-top sleeping area for two and a versatile lounge that can be turned into either a double bed or two single beds. It also comes with four travel seats.

In comparison, our other Endeavour model, the B62, accommodates two people and has two travel seats, so is a great option for couples who would prefer not to have the pop-top.