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Above, beyond -15 below

Facing the cold climate-controlled chamber head-on, Endeavour was up against temperatures of -15ºC.

Cold chamber testing quickly separates the good from the great. Plunging Endeavour into temperatures that hit -15°C outside whilst maintaining a +20°C inside shows that its construction and materials are more than up to it. Endeavour is still capable of doing so much more than survive. Testing like this also further cements the character that sets Endeavour apart from the rest: resilient, ready, and above all, leaving good for dust.

Cold Chamber testing the new Endeavour campervan

An Après Adventure with Endeavour

We didn’t just put Endeavour through its paces in the cold chamber, we also challenged it in real world conditions in temperatures under -20ºC.

In January 2024, we took a Bailey Alora 69-4S motorhome and Endeavour B62 campervan in some of the coldest winter temperatures in Europe on an Après Adventure that took us from Bristol to the Dolomites and back.

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In January 2024, we took Endeavour on an Après Adventure from Bristol to the Dolomites, where we experienced temperatures of -20ºC