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For the Sahara Challenge, we partnered with a variety of suppliers, organisations and businesses. Find out more about our partners below.


The Caravan and Motorhome Club

The Caravan and Motorhome Club is Europe’s biggest touring community, helping caravanners, motorhomers and campers access over 3,000 stunning locations in the UK and Europe. With over 110 years of experience, the CAMC has been vital in the planning of this trip, especially when it comes to campsites and ferry bookings in Europe.

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Ford MS-RT

Taking iconic vehicles like the class-leading Ford Transit Custom and Ford Ranger, MS-RT Ford give them a sporting edge that’s unlike anything else on the road. Ford MS-RT will be providing unbeatable towing vehicles for the Sahara Challenge, plus a Ford Transit Custom as the support vehicle for the trip.

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The reliable Truma Combi heating system has kept Bailey owners warm all over the world, and for this trip it won’t be any different. Truma products will be vital in this adventure not only to keep us warm but also powered up thanks to their solar panels or their gas regulators and gas level systems.

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PRIMA Leisure

PRIMA Leisure is the one-stop-shop for all accessories caravan and motorhome related. Sister company to Bailey, PRIMA will be supplying all essential items like wheel locks, levelling ramps or water tanks.

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Tracker can locate your leisure vehicle anywhere; even hidden underground, providing customers with a great level of protection. The Tracker system not only will keep our vehicles safe in our journey to the Sahara, but will also allow everyone to follow along the journey in a dedicated map thanks to their advanced technology.

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Thetford is the worlds market leader in mobile sanitary systems. They provide one of the most essential elements in any caravan or motorhome: The toilet cassette. For this trip, Thetford will be supplying all the necessary toilet chemicals and fresh up kits.

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Avtex Garmin

Avtex Garmin range of caravan and motorhome satellite navigation products come packed with features specific to leisure vehicle. Their Avtex Tourer will supply us with the best routes on this adventure.

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The BodyRag

BodyRag is designed to dry instantly, keep you warm and be fast absorbing – perfect for leisure vehicle use. With this in mind they are kindly providing the Bailey crew with all the towels needed for the trip.

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CADAC offers a wide range of outdoor cooking and heating products. Their BBQ will be tested during the Sahara trip as they have supplied the team with one, along with all the accessories we need to prepare delicious meals under the stars.

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CGI is the company behind all the striking caravan and motorhome graphics you have seen in the previous Bailey Big Adventures. A long term partner of Bailey, CGI offers an extensive range of graphics and branding products.

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Another giant in the touring and camping community, Dometic offers a wide range of accessories to enhance a camper’s journey. For this trip, they are supplying the crew with a portable lithium battery, an essential piece of kit to charge mobile devices on the go, plus a roof tent to accommodate for extra guests when required.

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Caravan Times

Caravan Times is an online community for fans of caravans, motorhomes and touring. Their dedicated filming crew will be joining us to document all the ups and downs of this Bailey Big Adventure.

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Avon - BBL Batteries

Leading leisure battery specialist in the UK, Avon BBL Batteries will be providing with a lithium battery for this challenge.

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Gaslow is the longest serving trusted supplier of LPG Gas Refillable Cylinders and associated products. For the Sahara Challenge, Gaslow is supplying Bailey with their gas hoses and fittings which will allow us to use the Moroccan gas system when touring the country.

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Oddballs are known for their remarkable charity work to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. We will be delighted to contribute to the their cause by wearing their uniquely designed bobble hats.

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