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The Big European Odyssey - Advice from Adventurers

13th June 2024 | Marcus Leach
Two years is a long time in anyone’s books. Yet, the past two years, living full-time in our Bailey of Bristol Adamo 75-4DL, seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. As Albert Einstein rightly said, time flies when you’re having fun.

While it hasn’t all been fun and games, looking back on everything since we we’re packed and ready to go on day 1, it’s fair to say it’s been the trip of a lifetime. However, calling it a ‘trip’ doesn’t fully capture the experience. Initially planned as a twelve-month journey, it quickly became our way of life—living on the road in a motorhome.

We continued to work, homeschool our children, and manage daily chores, just like at home. But we also saw a world beyond mainstream media and school curricula, for which we will be forever grateful. Our ever-reliable Adamo 75-4DL became a sanctuary, a safe place where we truly felt we belonged, no matter where we were.

The Big European Odyssey: A Life-Changing Experience

The Big European Odyssey’ might have ended, but our new perspective on life remains. Spending so long learning to live on the road and experiencing so much has fundamentally changed us. Throughout the last two years, we’ve aimed to inspire others to pursue their dream trips. Whether it’s a first visit to Europe, exploring new countries, or living on the move like us, we hope to encourage others to embark on their adventures.

Here’s some advice from our experiences to help you plan your adventures, no matter how big or small:

Camping in Bulgaria

Start Small with Your Motorhome Adventures

If you’ve never taken your motorhome overseas, start with a short European trip. Use resources like the Caravan and Motorhome Club website to find an area of interest, select a few good sites nearby, and head out for a few weeks. This will help build your confidence and familiarity with touring in Europe. From there, you can plan longer trips across the continent.

Tour Before You Buy Gadgets

There’s a tendency to think you need every gadget and accessory when you first get your leisure vehicle, but that’s not the case. While a few essentials are necessary, the rest is personal preference. To figure out what you need, take a local trip for a few nights and see what you feel you’re missing. Otherwise, you might end up with gadgets you don’t need and will never use.

Pack the Right Kit

Having the right kit is crucial for an enjoyable tour. Whether in the UK or Europe, packing appropriately makes a big difference. Preparing your motorhome for winter touring, ensure you have snow chains and thermal cab covers. For summer, a good awning securing system like Peggy Peg (available from Prima Leisure) is essential.

Camping in freezing Winter conditions while in the Dolomites

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

When we first started, everything was new and daunting. But the motorhome community is friendly and always willing to help. If you’re unsure about something, just ask. We’re also happy to help—reach out to us on Instagram at @MarcusLeachGlobal or @Our.Roaming.Odyssey.

Travel with an Open Mind and Heart
Morrocan Market in Marrekesh during the Bailey of Bristol Sahara Challenge

Plan, But Leave Room for Spontaneity

As you become more experienced, plan less in advance. While having a rough idea and timeframe is good, avoid being too rigid. Flexibility allows for spontaneous, memorable experiences. People will recommend places as you go, and if you’re too regimented, you might miss out on these opportunities.

Wild Camping at Rose Valley in Turkey