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Bailey caravans put in a five-star performance in the new Caravan & Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2021

17th December 2020 | Bailey of Bristol
Bailey caravans put in a five-star performance in the new Caravan and Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2021, announced on Tuesday 8th December, with four five-star awards given in the main competition categories.

The Alicanto Grande Estoril was awarded five-stars for “Family Caravans” and the Alicanto Grande Faro was awarded five-stars for “Any Caravan 8ft or More Wide”.

Recognition was also given to the Unicorn Black Edition Merida , which was awarded five-stars for “Any Two-berth Caravans” and the new Phoenix+ 420 was also awarded five-stars in the “Any Small Caravan (750kg – 1150kg MTPLM)” category.

Bailey caravans also received further commendations in another five categories, meaning all five of the current ranges gained some form of recognition in the competition, highlighting the strength of the company’s caravan portfolio as a whole.

A full list of the awards recognition received by Bailey caravan models is as follows:


The Caravan and Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2021 (December 2020)
Model Star Rating Category
Alicanto Grande Estoril 5-STARS Family Caravan
Alicanto Grande Faro 5-STARS Any Caravan 8ft or more wide
Unicorn Black Edition Merida 5-STARS Any Two-Berth Caravan
Phoenix+ 420 5-STARS Any Small Caravan (750kg – 1150kg)
Discovery D4-2 4.5-STARS Any Small Caravan (750kg – 1150kg)
Discovery D4-3 4.5-STARS Any Small Caravan (750kg – 1150kg)
Phoenix+ 440 4.5-STARS Up to Four-Berth Caravans
Phoenix+ 650 4.5-STARS Up to Six-Berth Caravans
Pegasus Grande SE Turin 4.5-STARS Large Family Caravans
Pegasus Grande SE Brindisi 4.5-STARS Any caravan(s) with Dedicated Bed(s)


The Estoril and Faro are two of the four models in the 8ft wide Bailey Alicanto Grande caravan range. Models from this ‘Luxurious and limitless’ range have topped the Bailey best-sellers list since their introduction, appealing to customers either as a touring or seasonal use vehicle.

The Estoril is a twin-fixed single bed, end-washroom layout, while the Faro is a new-to-Bailey layout, which features a transverse rear double island bed and a central nearside ensuite washroom that sits opposite a well-appointed dressing area.

The single-axle Merida, on the other hand, is one of the seven models in the Unicorn Black Edition range. Already established as the UK’s most popular premium caravan the latest Unicorns benefit from enhanced styling both inside and out to give models a fresh new look. These combine with with an already comprehensive specification, accessible unladen weights and a competitive retail price to ensure Unicorn will remain at the top of the shopping list for any discerning caravan owner.

New for 2021, the Phoenix+ 420 is one of six models in the range and strikes the perfect balance between space, comfort and practicality. Featuring stylish new looks both inside and out as well as a host of additional practical design features, all supplied in a robust and durable four-season bodyshell, Phoenix+ is the perfect mobile base wherever you choose to go.

Commenting on the receipt of these coveted awards Bailey of Bristol Managing Director Nick Howard said:

“Naturally we are delighted that our caravan ranges have received this recognition in the Caravan and Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2021. Given the level of rigour involved in the judging of this particular competition it is particularly pleasing that two of our Alicanto Grande range and one from each of the Unicorn Black Edition and new Phoenix+ range were awarded five-stars”.

“The fact that models from all of our five ranges have received award recognition is testimony to the amount of work that has gone into the strengthening our caravan portfolio as a whole over the past twelve months”, he added.

Display models from all five of our multi-award winning caravan ranges are available to view on Bailey Retailer forecourts now. For the latest Bailey news you can follow us on Facebook @Baileycaravansandmotorhomes, Twitter @BaileyofBristol or Instagram @baileyofbristol.

The Alicanto Grande Estoril

The Alicanto Grande Faro

The Unicorn Black Merida

The Phoenix+ 420