General enquiries

  • A: You can contact either your selling retailer or an alternative Bailey approved retailer or a Bailey approved service centre and you can obtain their address and contact details here.
  • A: You can find the contact details for Bailey approved retailers and Bailey approved service centres here.
  • A: You can find information on how to join the Bailey Owners Club here.
  • A: For our current caravan and motorhome ranges, you can download an electronic version of your handbook here. Hard copies of both current and historical handbooks are available on a chargeable basis via Prima Leisure- the home of Bailey parts and accessories.
  • A: We have an online archive for pre-owned caravans here and motorhomes here. If you cannot find the information you require please contact our Customer Services Team


  • A: The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association advise that caravan tyres should ideally be replaced after 5 years of service and never used when more than 7 years old. However, tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum tread depth must be replaced immediately. For more information download the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s guide. For motorhomes which tend to do more mileage than caravans, there is less clear cut guidance on when tyres should be replaced so regular inspection is advised. Additional information on motorhome tyre safety can be found here.
  • A: Retailers with their expertise can offer advice on suitable towing vehicles at the time of placing your order, or alternatively, you can use the Towsafe website which is a comprehensive source of information.
  • A: You can find this in your caravan's service handbook. For motorhomes, it’s shown inside the passenger door frame on the B pillar.
  • A: MRO (formerly MIRO) stands for Mass in Running Order, this is effectively the weight of the caravan or motorhome as it leaves the factory with no additions. Please note; within the MRO is an allowance for 'essential habitation equipment' ( ie: gas bottle and its contents, toilet flush fluids and mains hook-up cable ) All items listed under ‘product specification’ are included in the MRO.
  • MTPLM stands for the Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass (pre-1998 this was known as MGW maximum gross weight) this is the maximum weight a leisure vehicle can weigh inclusive of the user payload.
  • User Payload: If you take the MTPLM minus the MRO this will give you your user payload. This is the maximum weight that can be put inside your leisure vehicle when towing it or driving it.
  • A: Max upgrade kits on the majority of current models are available as a cost option though Prima Leisure- the home of Bailey parts and accessories

Parts/Accessories (general)

  • A: You can source parts either through your supplying retailer or directly from Prima Leisure- the home of Bailey parts and accessories. This can be supplied directly to your home address or you can collect them from our base located in North Bristol near the M4/M5 junction. The full address is: Unit 600, The Quadrant, Ash Ridge Road, Bristol, BS32 4QA. Click here for directions.
  • A: All enquiries on relating to parts/accessories orders can be answered by the team at Prima Leisure- the home of Bailey parts and accessories.

Parts/Accessories (external)

  • A: Yes, it is possible in most cases to have air-con units installed above the kitchen areas in Unicorn and Pegasus caravans and Autograph and Advance motorhomes and empty electrical trunking is in place across the roof panels to facilitiate fitment.
  • A: In the first instance please consult your owner’s manual, alternatively contact your selling retailer and/or the supplying manufacturer. Polyplastics (Miriad) have a handy FAQ section available.
  • A: This invaluable guide on the AL-KO website can help you find out.
  • A: The AL-KO ATC is an electronic, emergency control system for caravans and trailers. It automatically recognises critical swinging motions and applies the caravan brakes accordingly to regain control of the caravan and car.
  • Should you experience any issues with your ATC please contact AL-KO or your selling Bailey retailer.
  • A: This can be found in your caravan's service handbook.
  • A: Unicorn Series 1, Series 2 and Series 4 caravans have the Tracker Monitor system installed whereas Unicorn Series 3 and Pegasus Grande models have the Tracker Retrieve system fitted.
  • A: Simply click here and enter the Tracker VLU code from the card within the blue folder supplied with your caravan and the last 6 characters of your caravan’s VIN (e.g. SGBS01ABYJUN54321).
  • A: It depends on whether you have a motorhome or a caravan.
  • Autograph II and Alliance / Advance II motorhomes have fixing points within the rear panels to take fitment of bicycle racks (the Fiamma Pro-C and Fiamma Pro-E respectively) but exterior bodyshell ladders cannot be fitted to these motorhome ranges due to their rear bumper configuration. If you are interested in having a bicycle rack, please contact your selling retailer to order the parts and arrange fitting.PLEASE NOTE: the maximum combined weight of a rack and bicycle(s) must not exceed 60kg.
  • Caravans do not have fixing points to take fitment of a bicycle rack. Extensive testing by Bailey and Bath University showed that when excess weight is placed on the extreme ends of a caravan this leads to instability resulting in unsafe towing conditions.

Parts/Accessories (Kitchen)

  • A: Firstly, consult your owner’s manual, if your query remains, we then recommend getting in touch with either your supplying retailer or the appliance manufacturer : Thetford (for ovens, grills and hobs) here or Dometic (for refrigerators) here or Daewoo (for microwave ovens) here.
  • A: Select 12V at the fridge as the energy source.

Parts/Accessories (heating and water)

  • A: Flashing Code E-514-H displayed in the Truma control panel is due to an incorrect shut down of the electrical system.
  • The heating system now requires turning off at Truma control before powering down the van or turning the main 12v master switch off.
  • In the event of a system code E-514-H displaying in the Truma control panel, keep the power on AND leave the control panel alone until this code stops flashing, this will take approximately 15 minutes. Once the code is ready press the Truma control panel button (large round button centred in the bottom section of the panel) twice to continue as normal.
  • A: Firstly, consult your owner’s manual, if your query remains, we recommend getting in touch with either your supplying retailer or with the heating system manufacturer: Alde (Unicorn caravans AND Autograph motorhomes) here or Truma (Pursuit AND Pegasus caravans AND Advance motorhomes) here.
  • A: Firstly, consult your owner’s manual, if your query remains, we recommend getting in touch with either your supplying retailer or with the water system manufacturer: Whale (for all vehicles) here.

Parts/Accessories (bathroom)

  • A: Firstly please consult your owner’s manual. If your query remains, either contact your selling retailer or visit the Thetford FAQs page.

Parts/accessories (misc)

  • A: There should be an ‘F’ connector lead located by the TV aerial booster inside the front nearside overhead locker. If this is incorrectly connected to one of the sockets at the back of the booster box this should be removed as satellite signals should never be fed through your aerial booster box. To enjoy satellite TV, plug an external freestanding satellite dish into the ‘F’ connector inlet on the side of your caravan and take the following steps:
  • Remove the TV outlet feeds from the aerial booster box
  • Plug the other end of the satellite lead ‘F’ connector into a straight connector for one feed or a ‘T’ connector for two feeds to the TV outlets
  • Plug the decoder box into your selected TV outlet Plug the decoder box into the power point by your selected television location
  • Connect the decoder box to the television as per the instructions with the decoder box
  • PLEASE NOTE: additional components such as leads and adapters may be required depending on the unit(s) being set up
  • A: You can go back to your selling retailer or alternatively, you can approach a local Bailey approved agent. You can find your nearest Bailey agent here.


  • A: To maintain the best finish, it is advisable to wash your vehicle and its parts monthly using Autoglym or Fenwick's cleaning products, but please avoid using strong alkaline (e.g. tri-sodium phosphate) or acidic cleaners or abrasives. Waxing the components once or twice a year with a good grade paste wax will help to maintain its colour and finish.
  • Wash the vehicle by hand, using a sponge with Autoglym or Fenwick's cleaning solution to avoid scratching.
  • Always rinse away any cleaner from your leisure vehicle
  • Dry the vehicle with a chamois or a microfibre cloth
  • Ensure that the area surrounding the rooflight is completely dried; this will avoid both condensation and damp collecting around the perimeter
  • Where possible position the vehicle nose down for a short period to avoid water pooling and collecting on the roof area
  • Do not use a mechanical brush washing system such as a car wash
  • Never pressure wash your vehicle
  • Do not use solvents
  • Do not use acrylic cleaners
  • Under no circumstances use any abrasive agents, white spirit or other solvents to the exterior of your leisure vehicle.
  • There are several tips to minimising condensation which are included below, but you can also simply remove the bungs around the edge of the affected window to equalise the difference in air temperatures.
  • Tips for overcoming condensation:
  • Leave roof lights open
  • Put windows onto night-vent position
  • Leave any doors open between compartments
  • Ensure that factory fitted ventilation is not obstructed
  • Do not wash crockery last thing at night, it creates moisture in the air
  • Do not boil water last thing at night and empty all water from kettles etc.
  • Remove flowers or vases containing water from sleeping quarters
  • Keep temperature at night to a minimum (hot air contains water vapour)
  • Increase ventilation to above normal in inclement or very wet weather
  • Please note that you cannot expect to eliminate condensation completely but following the above tips will certainly help towards maintaining a more comfortable environment.
  • A: You should always dust on a regular basis with your vacuum’s upholstery or drape attachment. Try to avoid brushing fabric covers because this can damage the pile, and if you spill something on your upholstery blot up the excess immediately.
  • It’s best to avoid detergents which may damage the fabric’s protection. Use a sponge or clean white cloth but do not wash or rub the fabric. Leave to dry in normal conditions. These actions will not affect the FR (Fire Retardant) treatment of the fabric. Heavy soiling will require professional cleaning. All fabrics will fade to some degree if exposed to direct sunlight, particularly natural fibres such as cotton etc.
  • For curtains, it is recommended that curtains can be washed on a delicate cycle at 30°C. This will not damage the clip glides but please note dry cleaning may cause curtains to shrink.


  • A: Carrying out any modifications to your caravan or motorhome may in certain circumstances invalidate warranty cover and could also affect the safety and structure of the vehicle. This is why we always recommend that any proposed modifications be discussed with selling retailers.
  • A: Yes, in most cases fitting a solar panel is possible. We would advise you to discuss this with your retailer who can, if need be, liaise with Bailey regarding positioning and fitment.
  • A: There is a choice of upholstery options available on some of our model ranges, please ask your supplying retailer for more information.

Warranties and vehicle servicing

  • A: For caravans, there is a 12, 24 and 36 months components warranty and a standard 6 year bodyshell warranty.
  • For motorhomes, there is a 36 month components warranty and a standard 6 year bodyshell warranty.
  • For the full terms and conditions of our warranty agreements, please click here.
  • A: Providing there is a full service history completed for your leisure vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of our warranty agreement, you can transfer the remaining components (if applicable) and bodyshell warranty into your name by sending the following information to us within three months of your taking subsequent ownership:
  • Photocopy or scan of the service book (we do not need a copy of any CRiS documentation)
  • Photocopy or scan of the sales receipt or invoice or similar evidence of the purchase date
  • Cheque for £35 made payable to: Bailey Caravans Ltd
  • Covering letter including your full name, address and VIN (or chassis) number of your leisure vehicle
  • Please send the above information to:
  • Bailey of Bristol, South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS
  • Please note that annual servicing can be undertaken by any Bailey approved retailer, by any Bailey approved service centre or by any agent with membership of the NCC’s approved workshop scheme (AWS). If you need to check details before sending your paperwork to us, you can do so via the Choose your Retailer page, or by clicking here.
  • A: Warranty extensions are available as insurance-backed policies through MBANDG Insurance Services either through your retailer or direct from MBANDG. For further information, please visit this page of the MBANDG website here.
  • A: Our leisure vehicles can be serviced by any Bailey approved retailer, any Bailey approved service centre or by any agent with membership of the NCC’s approved workshop scheme (AWS).
  • You can find your nearest Bailey approved retailers/service here.
  • You can find your nearest NCC AWS workshops here.
  • For motorhome owners, the Peugeot part of your motorhome will need to be serviced by your local Peugeot Service Centre – for details, please contact Peugeot’s Customer Care Team on 0845 200 1234.
  • A: Yes, your caravan or motorhome needs to be serviced every year to protect your investment and to comply with the terms and conditions of our warranty agreement. We also recommend that caravans and motorhomes continue to be professionally serviced annually, even after the warranty period has expired. PLEASE NOTE: There is also a requirement to have the Peugeot base vehicle serviced by a Peugeot service centre.
  • A: We advise customers to have their leisure vehicles serviced on or around the anniversary of the original purchase date. Subsequent owners should also use the anniversary of the original date of purchase as a guide, not their subsequent date of purchase.
  • PLEASE NOTE: in any year a warranty period is due to expire, i.e. in years one, two, three and six for caravans and in years three and six for motorhomes, we advise customers to have that year’s annual service performed before the anniversary of the original date of purchase as this allows any subsequent warranty claims to be submitted before the relevant warranty period expires. All other annual servicing can be performed within a 6-week window either side of the anniversary of the original date of purchase.
  • A: We always advise customers to return to their selling retailer as their Contract of Sale is held by them.
  • Alternatively, please contact a Bailey approved retailer or a Bailey approved service centre near you who offers a ‘transient warranty’ service as they will, at their discretion, undertake warranty repairs to leisure vehicles they have not personally sold.
  • You can identify Bailey approved retailers and Bailey approved service centres who offer a transient warranty service here.


  • Upholstery
  • It is recommended that mattresses be stored on edge during winter. Curtains should be washed on a delicate cycle at 30°C. This will not damage the clip glides. Please note that dry cleaning may cause curtains to shrink.
  • Caravan
  • Ensure all water is drained down, including the water tank. Lift the dump valve open the taps, run the pump for a couple of minutes until dry. You also have the option of towing your van with all the valves open to drain the system. Please refer to your owner’s manual for further tips on winterisation and storage. Copies of owner’s manuals and service handbooks from the year 2000 onwards are available to purchase from Prima Leisure- the home of Bailey parts and accessories.
  • Fridge vent covers
  • These along with additional cooling fans are not supplied as part of the standard specification of our leisure vehicles but they can be purchased from Prima Leisure.

Buying a Bailey

  • A: You can request a brochure here.
  • A: To find out how long until you receive your new caravan or motorhome, please get in touch with your selling retailer.
  • A: We sell leisure vehicles through a retailer network and not direct to members of the public. You can identify your nearest Bailey approved retailer here.
  • A: You can view the latest models at your nearest selling retailer, found here.
  • A: NEW CUSTOMERS: Your selling retailer is responsible for registering your details on our system shortly after purchase.
  • SUBSEQUENT OWNERS: Either your selling retailer will arrange this for you or alternatively you can request this yourself within three months of your purchase date – please see the warranty transfer section above.