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What Makes Us Bailey?

Tuesday 9th August 2022 was an important day for everyone here at Bailey. The date marked the official launch and birthday of our new company values - What Makes Us Bailey?

Our new company values were created following cross-functional workshops with our employees and the Senior Management Team over a period of 8 months.

The initial brief was to review the existing values, looking at how the last few years have shaped us as a business, and whether they were still relevant to Bailey. The output of these groups were in fact a complete refresh of our company values and the creation of 4 brand new values that reflect, describe and symbolise who we are and what we stand for.

Most importantly, these new values explain to everyone outside and inside the business What Makes Us Bailey.


We Pass It On With Pride

To us, our products mean more than just a sale. They are a reflection of our happy customers, our craftmanship and our years of experience.

It’s why we take pride in what we do, always looking to improve and to make each other’s work easier.

We hold ourselves and our colleagues to a high standard, always taking time to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments.

  • We take action to avoid repeat mistakes
  • We acknowledge our colleagues’ contributions
  • We do our job right to make the next person’s job easier


We Roll Up Our Sleeves

At Bailey, we’re ready for anything. We approach every day with a can-do attitude, taking initiative to find solutions instead of problems. We listen to the needs of our customers, taking their feedback on board and work hard to deliver an outstanding product that stands the test of time

  • We get stuck in and get the job done
  • We take responsibility for our work
  • We examine our issues and find solutions together


We Look Ahead

With over 75 years of experience, it would be easy for us to stand still but we know how important it is to look ahead. That’s why we constantly look for creative ideas to move us forward. We enjoy breaking the mould – especially when it improves our business for good. We want to work smarter, not harder. With sustainable methods, reliable materials, and better habits. That way we can always be focused on the future while celebrating where we have come from.

  • We ask ‘What can I do to make that better?’
  • We seek feedback
  • We take steps, however small, to positively impact the environment


We Are One Community

Bailey has always started with family. Working together is at the heart of what we do, so we make sure to treat everyone with respect. We operate as one unit, where all our teams feel comfortable, equal, and included – that means the best idea in the room wins, no matter who it comes from. Our supporters, partners, suppliers, and customers form a big part of our community, so we take care to always keep them in the loop.

  • We ask, ‘How can I make someone’s day?’
  • We treat each other fairly
  • We respect each other and are kind


The Bailey Line

The use of the Line is important as we wanted something that tied each of the values together, but also represented something that was relatable to our employees.

Our Production Lines – the Motorhome Line and the Caravan Line – are at the core of who we are, and are responsible for making the amazing leisure vehicles that we are all so proud of.

Without the Line we would not be where we are today. Even those employees who do not work on them directly are all involved somehow in supporting the Line each day.


The Launch

To celebrate all of the collective hard work that went into creating What Makes Us Bailey, we launched our new company values on 9th August 2022 – the first day back for many of our production employees after their summer holidays.

All three sites were transformed overnight with bunting, bright and colourful posters, banners and even free ice cream! All employees received a goody bag which included branded fleeces and jackets.

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Employee Values Awards

We are now focused on living and breathing these values every day, making sure that all aspects of our employee lifecycle are incorporated into our values.

To support this, we have also launched our Employee Values Awards, where anyone can be nominated if they have behaved in a way that represents one or even all of the values. These winners each receive a £100 voucher!

Here are some of our award winners so far.

Jordan Batts (Design)

Jordan was nominated for his lead role in developing the next generation of the Bailey Discovery caravan range, working hard to ensure a smooth handover to the Production team, and for demonstrating the value ‘We Pass It On With Pride’.

Meggie Lovato (Finance)

Meggie was nominated for her positive attitude, going above and beyond on whichever project she is working on, always looking to help others, and demonstrating the value ‘We Roll Up Our Sleeves’.

Gheorghita Vieriu (Caravan Line)

Gheorghita was nominated for his willingness to go the extra mile, train others and be a constant support to his teammates. He was also nominated for the value ‘We Roll Up Our Sleeves’.


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