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6 Berth Caravans by Bailey of Bristol

6 berth touring caravans by Bailey of Bristol

The most spacious caravans in our line-up, our 6 berth models are perfect family caravans able to cater for even larger families.

These twin-axle models are equally at home being used as a touring caravan or sited permanently on a seasonal pitch.

Available in a range of layouts, our 6 berth models all feature a large front lounge which at night can be converted into a large double or two single beds.

Both models also feature fixed bunkbeds and either a dinette that will convert into a second set of bunkbeds, or a fixed bed at the back.

We currently have 6 berth caravan options in our Pegasus Grande GT75 and Phoenix GT75 ranges.

Choose from our current new 6 berth caravans for sale below. If you have any questions, contact the sales team at your nearest local retailer.

If you’re new to caravanning, you can check out our beginner’s guides here.


The six-berth Pegasus Grande GT75 Amalfi

The Bailey Pegasus Grande GT75 Amalfi is one of our largest caravans. At 8ft wide, it’s designed to offer plenty of room to entertain friends and family in style. The front of the caravan has a lounge and kitchen, in the centre is a central washroom, and at the back you’ll find a fixed double bed alongside fixed bunk beds.


The six-berth Phoenix GT75 762

The Bailey Phoenix GT75 762 is also an 8ft wide caravan to help you to make the most of a caravan filled with friends and family.

The vehicle features a large front lounge and kitchen alongside a dinette dining area. There are fixed bunkbeds at the back and a rear washroom that includes wardrobe storage.


Which six berth caravan is best?

Both of the Bailey of Bristol six berth caravans offer many features to make them truly feel like a home away from home, including an appliance-filled kitchen and spacious washrooms. The main choice comes down to if you would prefer a fixed double bed at the back or a dinette dining area.


How many people does a 6 berth caravan sleep?

The number of berths means the number of sleeping spaces that a caravan has, so a 6 berth caravan can accommodate up to six people.

The current Bailey 6 berth caravan layouts both have the choice of two singles or a double bed at the front. Both have fixed bunkbeds and there is the choice of a fixed bed at the back or a dinette that converts to bunkbeds depending on layout.


What is the largest touring caravan you can buy?

The largest touring caravans you can buy from Bailey of Bristol are either the Pegasus Grande GT75 Amalfi or the Phoenix GT75 762. Both of these caravans are also 8ft wide with a central or rear washroom, separate dinette area or fixed bed (dependent on layout) and well-appointed kitchen.


Which caravan layout is best for families?

The caravan layout that’s best for families depends on many factors. Consider the size of your family, types of holidays you enjoy and whether you want to accommodate guests. Use Bailey’s Virtual Showroom to view our range in 360 degrees and find the perfect caravan for your needs.


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