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Why we Love our Adamo 75-4I

28th January 2022 | Marcus Leach
Up until last year, most of our experience of Bailey of Bristol motorhomes had come in the form of their top-end Autograph range. So, when we took delivery of our Adamo 75-4I at the start of 2021, we did so with a little bit of trepidation, after all, we had become very accustomed to the layout and quality of the Autograph 79-4F that had been our home on some brilliant road trips.

Although we needn’t have worried as it quickly became evident that whilst the Adamo might have lacked the little finishing touches that set the Autograph range apart, it was the perfect motorhome for our young family and active outdoor lifestyle. It’s fair to say that over the past twelve months, we have more than they had value from our Adamo, and not just out and about on our many trips – it’s doubled-up as the perfect home office and children’s playroom on numerous occasions too.

But it’s out on the road as we’ve been off exploring that we have seen its true worth. So, given that we often get asked what it is we love about it so much, we thought we’d share some of our favourite features.

Huge Boot Space

We are a family that loves adventure and outdoor activities, from cycling, hiking, and kayaking to climbing, swimming and stand up paddle boarding, and anything else that you can think of. Meaning we have a lot of kit and bikes, and thanks to the sizeable boot space, we never have to pick between what to take it can all go in, then we’re prepared for whatever opportunity for adventure comes our way. It’s also worth adding that, thanks to heating vents keeping it warm and there being a light in there, it makes a great den for little kids on rainy days when you’re travelling light, and the boot isn’t that full.

To show off the huge boot space in our Adamo
Our huge boot space

Automatic Gearbox

This might seem like a small thing, but the fact the Adamo has a built-in automatic Ford chassis is a game-changer, so much so that I think we would now struggle to go back to a manual gearbox. You don’t notice it so much on long journeys where you’re cruising along on wide-open roads, but when you get to towns, and it’s a lot more stop-start, or are finding a small campsite tucked away down country lanes, the lack of need to change gear regularly really comes into its own. Ultimately it allows us to enjoy the driving whilst away, which is as much a part of the trips we go on as everything else, without thinking about the added stress of changing gears all the time.

To show off the automatic gearbox in our Adamo
Our automatic gearbox

Permanent Bedroom

Motorhomes are, whichever layout you go for, small compared to the space we are used to when at home, and when travelling with two children, sometimes space is what you need most. Therefore, we quickly grew to love the permanent bedroom at the back of our Adamo. Not only does it mean we can put the kids to bed in the evening and still sit up at the front, but if ever in the days they need some space from each other, as little kids sometimes do, it’s easily achieved thanks to the room at the back. What’s more, depending on which door you close in the middle of the motorhome, it can either be an en-suite bedroom or leave the bathroom accessible for those at the front.

To show off the permanent bedroom in our Adamo
Our permanent bedroom


Travelling with kids means that we need our motorhome to have many options, including lounge space, dining area, playroom, extra bedroom, and even space to do yoga inside on rainy days. That’s where the Flexi-lounge, with its permanent adjustable table, really comes into its own, as no matter what configuration we need, we can have it with a few simple adjustments.

To show off the flexi-lounge in our Adamo
Our flexi-lounge

Given how at home we now feel in our Adamo, we are excited to be planning our next adventure, knowing that as we seek to expand our horizons with the trip of a lifetime, we have the perfect vehicle to head off in. As for what that trip is exactly, it’s not long before we can share more details with you all. Needless to say, given our sense of adventure, it’s going to be truly unique! But for now, we have a little more planning to do, and thankfully we have the perfect motorhome office space to work in undisturbed.


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