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Springtime caravan checklist

09th March 2021 | Lee Davey
Has your caravan been waiting patiently for lockdown to end and restrictions to be eased? Performing a few simple checks not only protects your investment, but it also allows you to visit your favourite destinations in safety. Here’s what to check in preparation.

Treating the water system

Purifying the water system is one of the first jobs on my caravan to-do list as I can leave the solution in the pipes while dealing with other things. Regardless of how well I drained the pipes/tank, I always treat the caravan to the prescribed dose of Puriclean.

  • Full instructions are on the side of the container but it’s as simple as mixing a few spoonful’s of Puriclean with water.
  • Close the water drain valve. Usually, a yellow toggle switch next to the water heater.
  • Add the solution to the Aquaroll, or tank, and fill the water system until water flows steadily from each tap.
  • With the pipes full, it’s worth checking for any leaks caused by frost damage.
  • After the suggested amount of time, simply drain and rinse the system with fresh water.
  • If you have a water filter fitted, now’s a good time to change it.



Wheels and Tyres

Tyres, understandably, are an essential part of every journey and should be given the attention they deserve. Sitting in one spot, being bombarded by ultraviolet rays takes its toll, as does the occasional kerb strike.

  • Inflate to the correct pressure (found on a data sticker fixed to the caravan, or in the handbook) and check for cracks, cuts, bulges, and suitable tread depth.
  • Renewing the tyres every five years, regardless of tread depth, is a worthwhile investment. The age of the tyre can be found on the sidewall in a 4-digit format – e.g., 0221 denotes February 2021. This date stamp is often stamped on one side of the tyre so check both sidewalls.
  • TPMS? A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System constantly monitors tyre pressure and temperature; a handy piece of kit when towing. We used a TyrePal system during the Arctic Adventure and Bristanbul trips which gave enormous piece of mind while covering considerable distances. Already have TPMS? Now’s the time to check/renew the sensor batteries.


  • If you removed the leisure battery for winter, refit, and plug-in your electric hook-up cable. This will also charge the battery.
  • Check the remainder of the 12V and 240v systems – lights, sockets, etc.


The Loo

  • Fill the flush and check for leaks caused by frost damage.
  • It’s worth checking the cassette as any water sat in the bottom can expand and crack the unit.
  • Add the required amount of loo chemical to the cassette.
  • Drain the flush before travelling.


Fire Safety

  • Cold weather can affect battery life so check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, replacing the batteries if there’s any doubt.
  • If you have additional fire precautions, such as a fire extinguisher, check the expiration date.


Gas & Electric

  • With the Puriclean drained and fresh water in the water heater, check that the heating & hot water systems work on both gas and electric.
  • Check the fridge also, on gas as well as 240v.
  • Make sure the gas hob and oven burn with a nice blue flame.
  • Check the expiration date printed on the side of the gas hose that connects bottle to regulator.


Road Lights

  • Plug the 13-pin connector (7-pin on older caravans) into the socket of your car and check the lights.
  • Be sure to check any marker lights that may be on the side of the caravan.


What Lies Beneath?

  • Visually check the chassis and underside for anything untoward.
  • Greasing the corner steady threads will ensure a smooth action.
  • If your handbrake was applied, make sure the brake shoes aren’t stuck to the inside of the drum. This can be done by attaching your caravan to the car, and with handbrake released, pulling forwards a few feet.



  • Inspect the cushions, cupboards, and under bed bases for mould. Spilt cereal, breadcrumbs, etc. may be almost invisible at the time, but become all too noticeable after hibernation.

Mould on bare wood, or similar, can be wiped clean with diluted Milton Sterilising Fluid


  • Is your caravan due an annual service?
  • To maintain the warranty, your caravan must be serviced within the specified schedule.



  • If your caravan needs a clean, it’s a good opportunity to check for visible signs of damage as you go.
  • Various cleaning products for the inside and outside of your caravan can be found at Prima Leisure.


Weight Gain?

If it’s been some time since you took an inventory of your caravan’s contents, now is a good time to check how much weight you’re carrying, and how it’s loaded. A guide showing how can be found here.



You’re good to go! Have a great time and don’t forget to tag us on social media.