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Di Moody - A Lifelong Caravanner

08th May 2022 | Di Moody
If you've ever spoken with our Aftercare Team, you've likely had a conversation with one of our long-serving employees, Di Moody.

People always say, " get a job in something you love". Well, that's what Di did when she joined us here at Bailey.

Di is a lifelong caravanner who first began caravanning back in 1968! She currently owns a Bailey Phoenix Platinum 644 and has done so since March 2019. She loves nothing more than the idea of having a laid-back lifestyle and exploring new places with her own home from home.

We recently spoke with Di to discuss what makes caravanning so special to her- this is what she said…


Had you ever been caravanning or motor homing before?

Yes, I started caravanning with my parents in 1968. I can even remember my parents’ first caravan, as it had no running water, gas mantles for lights and a two-ring hob for cooking. I find it interesting to see how caravans have developed over the years to what we see today.


Where is the furthest you have travelled in your caravan?

My partner and I mainly travel in the UK, so the furthest we have travelled is Liverpool and Suffolk. Although, when my two sons were small, we travelled to Brittany with my parents – three adults and two boys aged 8 & 6.


What is your favourite feature of your caravan?

We love the versatility of the Phoenix Platinum layout! From the fixed bed to lounge seats that enable you to relax with plenty of room for the two dogs to relax.

Do you recognise Di's dogs? They famously feature in our Pegasus Grande SE shoot in in 2020.

Do any particular trips stand out for any reason?

There are so many good memories- too many to mention. One of our favourite sites, Gwithian Farm in Cornwall, is always somewhere I have fond memories of. Situated very close to the beach, within a four-minute walk from the top of the campsite, you are on the dunes, which lead down to the beach across the bay where you can see St Ives. A story which particularly comes to mind is when I visited Brittany with my family as a child. Next to us, staying in the caravan, was an elderly French couple. Throughout our stay, we saw a gentleman walk down the beach with his bucket and fork. Dad, being dad, was very curious. So, with a lot of pointing and mime (as neither of us could communicate using words), dad found out that the gentleman was collecting mussels! Over the next few mornings, there was a knock on the door of the French gentleman next door. Each time, we were presented with a massive bucket full of mussels. The first day it happened was great! It was lovely to try something new for a change. However, the second, third and fourth times were less exciting. Dad would gesture very kindly, “no, thank you”. Nevertheless, each day we received a big bucket of mussels. To save the awkwardness of returning the mussels, we, under the cover of darkness, would dig holed around the back of the caravan in which we bury the mussels. We still laugh about it even now! Bearing in mind, this was back in 1987!

Other worthy mentions include waking up to the roar of the lions at Kessingland in Suffolk, meeting Noel Fitzpatrick at Dogfest, watching Tiger Woods Toff at the British Open Championships, and chatting with Chris Evans at a charity golf event! All of which have happened whilst away in our caravan.

Here a look at the a viewpoint near Gwithian Farm (left), and Di and her partner meeting Noel Fitzpatrick at Dogfest.

What is your bucket list destination to go caravanning?

Oh yes! The first on my list is to spend 3-4 months travelling around the Lake District and Scotland – April 2024, as I plan to retire in January 2024. We also plan to travel around the coast of Britain (not in one go will probably break it up into stages). Thinking outside of the UK, we’d love to hire a motorhome and travel through the Rocky Mountains of North America and Canada. Travelling equally as far around the world, motorhoming across New Zealand & Australia would be incredible!


What are your caravanning plans over the next year? 

So far this year, we’ve actually been out in the caravan three times already. We’re due to go travelling in Cornwall in the first week of July, and one of our favourite sites Trethem Mill and in September. We’re also going to the Peak District, a new area for us. Alongside this, we’re hoping to squeeze a couple of long weekends in during the Autumn and finish off with a break between Christmas & New Year.


What makes your holiday?

The caravan is my special happy place. We can get away from the day-to-day stress of life and relax. As we have everything we need in the caravan, we can just kick back and unwind.

#TheBaileyBear travels everywhere with Di and her family!

A special thank you to Di for writing this lovely blog!


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