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Bailey caravans put in another five-star performance in the new Caravan & Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2022

Bailey caravans put in another five-star performance in the Caravan and Motorhome Club Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2022 announced this month, with a remarkable seven of the eight Bailey entries receiving the top five-star rating. Encouragingly, included amongst these are four models from the recently introduced Unicorn Series 5 range (Seville, Madrid, Cabrera & Pamplona) as well as the all new Pegasus Grande SE Ancona.

The Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide 2022 has been compiled by the Caravan and Motorhome Club to supply prospective customers with all the information they need on the UKs latest caravan models. An independent, expert and knowledgeable panel carried out full technical specification, design, use of space and usability reviews of 60+ new-to-market caravans to provide buyers with the definitive guide on which to base their next purchase.

A full list of the award recognition received by Bailey caravan models in the Buyers Guide is as follows:


Caravan & Motorhome Club Design Awards 2022 Buyers Guide


  Caravan   Award   Category
  Discovery D4-2    5-STARS   Any Caravan 750kg – 1150kg
  Pegasus Grande SE Ancona   5-STARS   Up to Six Berth Caravans
  Pegasus Grande SE Turin   5-STARS   Large Family Caravans
  Unicorn Seville   5-STARS   Any Two Berth Caravans
  Unicorn Madrid   5-STARS   Family Caravans
  Unicorn Cabrera   5-STARS   Up to Four Berth Caravans
  Unicorn Pamplona   5-STARS   Any Caravan with Dedicated Beds
  Alicanto Grande Porto   4.5-STARS   Any Caravan 8ft or more wide


The recently launched Unicorn Series 5 range benefits from a striking new appearance both inside and out to make it the best-looking Alu-Tech caravan yet. This combined with enhanced specifications, accessible unladen weights plus a competitive retail price means, as the universal 5-star ratings suggest, that there is every reason to believe in Unicorns again. Initially the new Unicorn range is available in a choice of seven models, four of which feature in the 2022 guide.

The Seville and Madrid are the classic 2-berth and 4-berth end washroom models featuring a spacious parallel seat front lounge, which sleeps either as two single or a full size double, and a luxurious ensuite with a full height wardrobe and large rectangular shower cubicle. Both models also feature well-equipped centre kitchens while the Madrid also includes an extra side dinette providing an additional seating and sleeping area.

The Unicorn Seville

The Unicorn Madrid

The Cabrera (single axle) and Pamplona (twin axle) are 4-berth models both of which feature an end bedroom, including a longitudinal island double bed, and an ensuite centre washroom. Moving forward through the caravan there is a compact kitchen, including a Dometic 10-series tower refrigerator, followed by a three-quarter length parallel seat front lounge. Bailey has also refined this best-selling layout in the new Unicorn range by shaping the twin wardrobes either side of the double bed to allow for a wider mattress and adding in a practical through boot across the rear of the caravan to provide exterior access storage from both sides of the vehicle.

The Unicorn Cabrera

The Unicorn Pamplona

In contrast the Ancona is a new addition to the existing Pegasus Grande SE range and features the family-favourite double lounge layout in a spacious 8ft wide body shell for the first time

Starting at the front this 5-berth single axle model features a large parallel seat front lounge, beautifully showcased by the signature Bailey vertical picture window, which converts into either twin singles or a large double bed at night. In the centre of the caravan is the well-equipped kitchen, with plenty of work top space and storage options, that sits opposite a well-appointed washroom that features a large separate shower cubicle.

At the rear of this spacious 6-metre layout is a second lounge, this time with an L-shape configuration, which converts into double bed with an additional 5th berth provided by a transverse fold-out pull-up bunk above. This area can be partitioned off with a folding screen to provide, if necessary, that degree of separation from the younger family members.

The Pegasus Grande SE Ancona

Commenting on the receipt of these, and other, five-star ratings, Bailey of Bristol Managing Director Nick Howard said:

“Given the level of rigour involved in the judging of this particular competition it is particularly pleasing that our vehicles have performed so well, with seven out of eight securing the maximum five-star rating”.

 “The fact that many of our new 2022 season models found favour with the experts is testimony to the amount of work that has gone into the strengthening our caravan portfolio as a whole over the past twelve months”, he added.

The Discovery D4-2

The Pegasus Grande SE Turin

The Alicanto Grande Porto