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 22nd January 2016

8.00am - Wake up! You need to get an early start if you want to beat the lift lines and get on the mountain while it's quiet.

8.15am - Breakfast time: Scrambled eggs on toast is always a good choice for breakfast and it easy to cook in the Brindisi, wash it down with a nice cup of tea or coffee and you’re ready for the day ahead.

Bailey Snow Season Bailey Pegasus Caravan


8.30am - Head to the Gondola station in the car, the other bonus to having the caravan in a ski resort is that you have your car with you and don't need to catch the bus every morning.

9.00am - Snowboard over to the snow park and warm up with a few laps over the rails and jumps to test the speed.


Simon Cudlip snowboarding


9.30am - Start the morning session of practising new tricks, first we'll start with things we can already do and then gradually work our way up to more difficult tricks that we haven't mastered yet.

12.00pm - Lunchtime! Time to eat our packed lunches and drink some water before continuing with our training. Depending on the weather we'll either keep practising in the park, if the weather is bad and visibility is not great then we will go and ride piste and practise riding switch (backwards)

Faye Young Snowboarding


3.00pm - Time to snowboard back to the Gondola and go down the mountain back to the caravan.

4.30pm - After a quick tidy up inside the caravan and changing out of our snowboard gear we walk to the supermarket to buy some food for tea.

5.30pm - Start cooking in the Brindisi, with loads of worktop space there is plenty of room to prepare meals and the oven has food ready in no time. The big fridge means you can keep more stuff cool and it's a lot easier to access as it isn't low down.

6.30pm - After our meal it's time to wax our snowboards ready for the next day, it's important to do this as it helps make you go faster - a slow board in the snow park isn't good!


Bailey Snow Season Snowboarders Simon Cudlip and Faye Young


7.00pm - TV time, we pop the tv on and tune into some English tv or watch a movie before getting an early night so we are fully rested for the next day.

9.30pm - We extend the island bed out to its full size and get to bed for some much needed rest after a long day of Snowboarding. When you are learning new things you can take a few falls in one day and this means you can go to bed with a sore back or achy legs so it's really important to have a nice comfy mattress which the Bailey does!


Inside the Bailey Snow Season Pegasus covered in snow