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Caravan in the Sky

In September 2021, Bailey of Bristol gave London a new perspective on caravanning and motorhoming when a new Unicorn Series 5 Vigo was lifted up 34 metres into the air onto the roof of the One New Change Shopping Centre opposite St Paul's Cathedral to create what was possibly the most exclusive pitch in the world.

The Unicorn Vigo was put in place as the centrepiece to a two-night pop-up City campsite that celebrated the boom in staycations and caravan sales over the previous 18 months.

The public were invited to see the all-new 2022 Unicorn Vigo on its rooftop pitch with it’s unrivalled views amid the London skyline. Other events were also held at the site which included syndicated radio interviews and a media event run in conjunction with the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

Celebrities who were invited to visit the Unicorn Vigo on its exclusive City Break included Matt Allwright, Gary Mabbutt MBE, Peter Shilton OBE, Tony Cottee, Mallory Franklin, Emma Wiggs MBE, Rowland Rivron, Andy Torbet, Julie Peasgood, Debbie Arnold and Dee Anderson.

Our guests were able to enjoy stunning views across London as the sun set, and two reporters from The Sun and The Daily Mail were given the opportunity to stay overnight in the Unicorn Vigo, waking the next morning to the view of St Paul’s through the caravan’s signature infinity window.


The Big Lift

In order to get the Bailey Unicorn Vigo into position 34 metres up on the roof of the One New Change Shopping Centre opposite St Paul's Cathedral, we needed to lift it using a crane. The 34 metre lift was about two thirds of the height of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Watch a birds eye view of this big lift below.
The Unicorn Vigo is lifted 34 metres into the air onto the roof of the One New Change Shopping Centre


Press Release

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Find out more about how we managed to lift a caravan into the sky and the journey it took to get there in the first place…

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The London Journey

The Bailey Unicorn Vigo took a tour across London on its trip from the Caravan and Motorhome Club Crystal Palace campsite to the roof of the One New Change Shopping Centre. Watch the video below to see all the sights it passed on this journey and what happened when it met up with the crane at One New Change.
Behind the scenes of the journey to St Paul's Cathedral



The Bailey Unicorn Vigo visited many famous London landmarks on its journey to St Paul's Cathedral. Take a look below at the places we passed on the Vigo's sightseeing route
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Once we reached One New Change, the caravan needed to be lifted onto the roof ready for its two day stay on the most exclusive pitch in London
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