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More Than Just a Motorhome

28th October 2021 | Andy Torbet
If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while now you may remember that during lockdown I used my motorhome, this was pre-Bailey Adamo when I had a Bailey Alliance, for more than just camping on my driveway. We used it as a classroom, an office, a studio, a rehearsal room, a broadcast suite, a playroom, and when desperately required, an adults chill out space. Although the motorhome never left our garden, it became a multi-purpose space and an extension of our house.
My family and I relaxing outside our Bailey Alliance last year

Now that restrictions have, for the most part, been lifted and we have more freedom to travel, I still find myself using my motorhome for more than as my mobile adventure base and the obvious family camping trips (although we have still squeezed quite a few of those in at the of end of, and between, lockdowns).

This summer Bex and I lead the team organising our local village fête. There are no buildings on the village green, so we set up the Adamo as the organisers’ office, first aid point and changing facilities for some of the acts we had.  It worked extremely well and became an attraction in its own right. What I hadn’t factored into my busy day was giving tours to interested visitors of the Adamo. Although I think it was the kids who were most impressed when I showed them the bed that descends, magically, from the ceiling.

Our Bailey Adamo parked at our local village fête

Over the summer I’ve also been back to work, and part of that has been filming some skydiving and parachuting stunts. For this, the production hired an airfield about half an hour from a decidedly average hotel with limited food options. So, rather than waste an hour of my day commuting, trying to recover in a hotel bed and eat whatever was on offer, I opted to park my motorhome on the grass next to the tower. I had more free time, slept well in my own bed and cook fresh, homemade food every day. It was such a success that the skydiving cameraman, a good friend of mine, opted to stay with me for the week.

I’ve even used it as a Search and Rescue base of operations for a training exercise. I’m part of my local Search and Rescue Unit, the Severn Area Rescue Association, and I head up the cliff and rope rescue side of things. I ran a lengthy exercise one weekend and used my Adamo as the mobile classroom, briefing room and tearoom. It was a chance for the team to take a break between lessons out on the cliffs and high ground, chat through ideas and deliver some formal lessons.

Our Bailey Adamo parked at the airfield while I filmed some skydiving and parachuting stunts

My motorhome is more than just a mobile adventure base, and more than just for family camping. However, since this latter use is supposed to be its primary function, my family and I are heading for an autumnal break to the New Forest for the week of October half-term. Expect a report on that in my next blog…