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From deposit to collection

08th March 2019 | Bailey of Bristol
If you have placed a deposit on a caravan, perhaps a first-time purchase or a part exchange on a newer model, you will be eagerly awaiting the collection date and possibly wondering what happens in between the deposit being paid and the collection of the caravan.


In this blog post we will lift the lid on what takes place behind the scenes at Swindon Caravans and share some key steps along the way with either a pre-loved caravan or a brand-new model.

Deposit paid

This is the point where you have selected the ideal caravan for your needs. Up to this point you may have chatted with the sales team, discussed your requirements and chosen your perfect caravan.

Dan chats to the sales team at Swindon Caravans to find the caravan that is right for his family

The sales team will also advise on what accessories the vehicle comes with or would benefit from. A comprehensive pack, including the sales invoice and some handy literature will be handed over to you. Details of any special deals on starter packs and discounts will be discussed with you and if the vehicle is already on-site, such as a pre-loved caravan or an end of season new caravan, you can expect to have a collection date arranged there and then.

If you require caravan finance, this can be agreed in principle too and our sales team will demonstrate how the finance package works and discuss repayment options including HP or a PCP agreement.

Vehicle secured / Vehicle ordered

If the caravan is on the forecourt, your leisure vehicle will be secured and a “sold” sign placed in the window. If this caravan is a Part Exchange and equipment needs transferring over, details will be printed on this sold sign. The caravan will then be moved and parked within the secure compound on site ready for the next phase of work.

However, if you have purchased a brand-new caravan the vehicle will be ordered from the manufacturer and depending on the time of year will depend on how soon the caravan will be on site. The sales team will contact you and discuss/arrange a collection date once they know the arrival date of the caravan.

Bailey caravans arrive at the retailer

Once the new caravan has been delivered, it too will be taken to a secure compound with details in its window and will be ready for the next step in the process.


The next big step for all caravans is the PDI check. The “Pre-Delivery Inspection” is a thorough inspection of the caravan, the systems and features. The inspection also incorporates a service on the caravan, to ensue all moving parts are correctly greased, all safety items have been checked and the systems such as heating, hot water and battery charging all work correctly. Though this will not affect new caravans, any items that need work, replacing or adjusting will be corrected at this stage.

The Bailey Ridgeway undergoing its PDI check

Accessories and extras

Once the caravan has been given the all clear and has passed an exhaustive PDI process, the caravan can now have its accessories and extras that you have asked for fitted. Items such as motor movers, air conditioning units and any specialised equipment will be installed by one of the trained technicians on site. Once installed, a final inspection of all the fittings will be performed to confirm they meet our standards.

The motormover has been installed and the caravan is nearly ready to move to the next stage

Dispatch team

Just before collection, the caravan will be handed over to the dispatch team who will clean the caravan inside and out. Once complete, the paperwork of all the works carried out will be processed and be prepared for the collection day.

The Bailey Ridgeway is cleaned inside and out ready for collection

Collection day

Collection day is a big occasion and there are several things that need to be taken care of, not least the payment of the caravan. In the next part, we will go through the collection day, details of what you should bring with you, and share what to expect when you arrive.


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