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Exploring Eindhoven in a Motorhome

03rd May 2024 | Marcus Leach
For many people, the prospect of crossing the channel to mainland Europe conjures thoughts of longer trips and holidays in their leisure vehicles. However, with a wide variety of great locations within a few hours’ drive from Calais, there’s also the option of popping over to Europe for a long weekend.

Take Eindhoven as a prime example of a vibrant city with wonderful, natural surrounding areas, perfect for a short getaway. For us, it was our final stop on the way back to the UK after almost two years on the road travelling full-time in a Bailey Adamo 75-4DL motorhome, but it’s just as easy to make the journey the other way to explore the fifth largest and second greenest city in the Netherlands.

Known as the city of innovation, technology, and design, it effortlessly mixes the old charms of its Brabant history and heritage with a modern style that looks to the future. Within this mix, there’s a wealth of excellent restaurants, lively neighbourhood bars, fascinating attractions, and artisanal shops to ensure there’s something of interest for all visitors.

Travelling full-time across Europe in an Adamo 75-4DL

What to See, Do and Eat?

Philips Museum

Eindhoven has been home to the iconic brand Philips for over 130 years, and a visit to the Phillips Museum that showcases the company’s products and developments in music, lighting, health, and communications is genuinely fascinating for visitors of all ages. You’ll be amazed at how many technology developments have been driven by this household name.


There was a time when only employees of Philips had access to what was then known as the ‘forbidden city’. Today, however, it’s the creative heart of the city and a trendy district that’s open to all and home to trendy shops, innovative restaurants, and creative workplaces that are well worth exploring. Be sure to book a table at Radio Royaal, which is located on the old Philips campus but today serves the best food in the area.

Motion Imagination Experience

Anyone looking for a few hours’ escape from reality should head to the Motion Imagination Experience and step into a magical immersive world. Here, you will find a series of unique lighting experiences that challenge your senses and perceptions through an array of visual and audio installations.

Van Abbemuseum

Established as one of the first public museums for contemporary art in Europe, Van Abbemuseum boasts over 3600 artworks that challenge visitors to think about art and its place in the world. For those travelling as a family, they also have a wonderful children’s art club at the weekends, which is a great activity, especially if the weather isn’t so good.

E-FatBike Tour

a great way to take in more of the city is through a self-guided E-FatBike tour with City Tours Eindhoven. Included in the rental is a 45km route that takes in the best attractions in the centre, as well as an array of parks and areas that showcase the region’s natural beauty.

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Downtown Gourmet Market

As lovers of food and trying new flavours, we were instantly drawn to this wonderful food market. It’s an eclectic food market in the centre of Eindhoven that brings together twenty different unique food concepts under one roof. From more traditional Dutch comfort food through to flavours of Asia, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds and a great energy and atmosphere to go with it.

Where to Stay?

Camping de Volmolen

There are several small campsites set in the villages surrounding the city, with this small family-run one amongst the best. As well as transport links to Eindhoven itself there’s a wonderful restaurant on site, and Camping de Volmolen offer rafting trips for those looking for something different to the city attractions.

Grootmeer en Kleinmeer

For those who prefer to wild camp in the tranquil surroundings of nature, there’s a small and very peaceful parking lot about 12 kilometres from the city centre next to two lakes teeming with wildlife. It’s also the gateway to some wonderful walking trails that take you through the heart of the nature reserve. It can be found using these coordinates: N 51° 26′ 13″ E 5° 19′ 17″.