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Caravan DIY - part three: Tyrepal TPMS and a spick and span toilet

26th November 2020 | Lee Davey
With most of the UK in Lockdown 2.0 and travel restrictions in place, if your caravan is on your driveway, why not take on those little jobs you keep putting off. In the final part of our caravan DIY series, Lee Davey takes a look at fitting Tyrepal TPMS and keeping your toilet spick and span.

Fitting TyrePal TPMS

TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, and as the name suggests, the system constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of each tyre, emitting a warning signal when the pressure drops or the temperature increases. Fitting is easy and provides piece of mind while towing, with additional sensors available to monitor both car and caravan. Certain Bailey caravans are available with TyrePal pre-installed, but should you wish to fit such a system, here’s how.

Tools required: TyrePal kit.

  1. Kits are available with 2,4,6,8 or 10 sensors. 2 sensors will be suitable for a single-axle caravan and four sensors would fit a twin-axle caravan. 6 or 8 would allow you to include your tow vehicle. A 2-sensor kit is just £135 from PRIMA Leisure.
  2. With monitor charged and batteries installed in the sensors, turn on the monitor.
  3. Press and hold the ‘Code’ button for 4-5 seconds.
  4. Press ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to select the wheel to be monitored. ‘FFF’ appears when you’ve selected an unmonitored sensor location.
  5. Screw the sensor to the valve of the chosen wheel. When the sensor detects pressure it automatically links to the monitor
  6. Follow steps 4 & 5 to link additional sensors.
  7. When finished, press and hold the ‘Code’ button for 4-5 seconds. Tyre pressures and temperatures will be displayed on the screen.
  8. Is your sensor more than 7-metres from the monitor? A TyrePal TCRR-2 Signal Repeater extends the range.

Removing ‘black bits’ from your caravan flush

Occasionally, ‘black bits’ appear when flushing the loo in your caravan or motorhome. Although unsightly, this algae is harmless and tends to form in toilets that have a separate flush, not those that use the fresh water supply. Thankfully, it’s easy to remedy.

Tools required: Milton Sterilising Fluid

  1. Drain the existing flush chemical. Locate the drain pipe (usually clipped inside the toilet cassette door) and remove the bung. Drain until empty.
  2. Add 1 ½ caps of Milton Sterilising Fluid to the flush and top up with clean water.
  3. From inside the caravan or motorhome, open the cassette blade and operate the flush until the diluted Milton fluid emerges. Close the cassette blade.
  4. Leave overnight.
  5. Drain the system as per Step 1.
  6. Refill the flush
  7. From inside the caravan or motorhome, open the cassette blade and operate the flush to rinse the system.
  8. Drain the system as per Step 1.
  9. Refill as usual with your chosen flush liquid.