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Can you design a 1970s caravan?

26th May 2020 | Lee Davey
The majority of caravan bodywork is white - a thermally efficient colour that reflects the summer sunshine and suits the styling of modern caravans. However, if you could design an exterior colour scheme for a vintage caravan, how would it look?
1977 Bailey Maru exterior
Mabel, the 1977 Bailey Maru

Mabel, our 1977 Bailey Maru, has enjoyed countless holidays during her 43-year lifespan and she’s about to receive some tender loving care. During the restoration process we’ll be repainting her sleek bodywork and we’re looking for a design that reflects the year she emerged from the Bailey of Bristol factory.

The seventies is an iconic period in the world of design with many artists, designers and fashion houses borrowing from this decade on a regular basis. Boots became taller, flares meant trousers became wider and the Union Flag was waved from every street corner during the Silver Jubilee. If a hat wasn’t red, white & blue AND emblazoned with a London bus, it remained unsold.

Interior of Mabel, the 1977 Bailey Mar being restored
Work in progress on the inside of Mabel

Exterior nearside of Mabel, the 1977 Bailey Maru
Another view of Mabel from the nearside

Using the downloadable template, we’d love to see as many 1970’s-inspired designs as possible. Age and artistic ability needn’t be a barrier – this is the seventies, man! As well as seeing their design applied to Mabel, the winning designer will also receive a huge selection of caravan related gifts, with the ‘Big Bailey Bonanza’ giveaway.

Let’s see those groovy designs!


And the winner is...

Congratulations to Ben Harris for his imaginative design. We can’t wait to see it applied to Mabel this summer!

Design a 1970s caravan

Download your template here

Entries are now closed but you can still download the template and have fun creating your own caravan designs.