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Campervan vs. Motorhome: Which is Right for You?

18th June 2024 | Andy Torbet
Choosing between a campervan and a motorhome depends on many things, including your lifestyle and travel needs. Each offers unique advantages and potential compromises, so it's essential to understand what you want from your home from home.

Personal Experience

When my wife and I were a couple, I frequently travelled solo for adventure projects and TV shoots across the UK. A small campervan was ideal—it served as my main vehicle, comfortably slept one or two, and was perfect for solo trips or occasional getaways.

As our family grew, so did our space needs. With two children, we upgraded to a Bailey motorhome (first the Alliance, then the Adamo). This shift coincided with my work transitioning to longer stays in one location, making the larger motorhome’s benefits worthwhile.

Campsite Cooking in a Bailey Adamo 75-4DL Motorhome

Now, with our kids becoming more independent and my work stabilising, a larger campervan like the Bailey Endeavour suits us perfectly. It offers a middle ground, combining the advantages of both motorhomes and campervans.

The Torbet's New Bailey Endeavour Campervan

Advantages of a Campervan


  • Economic: While the difference is slight, campervans are generally more economical. They can be cheaper on ferries and tolls, although fuel costs are like motorhomes.


  • Suitable for Smaller Groups: Choosing the best campervan for couples, solo travellers or smaller families is important. The beauty with campervans are that they provide a more manageable space, and the simplicity of a smaller space, like our new Endeavour, is often preferable for smaller groups.


  • Off-Grid Capabilities: Campervans excel in off-grid situations. I often camp off-grid when I’m working home-from-home, and the Endeavour’s solar panel system is invaluable. It’s also beneficial for family trips, allowing us to take breaks at free overnight parking spots across Europe.
Advantages of a Campervan

Advantages of a Motorhome

  • Space: Motorhomes offer ample space. Our Bailey Adamo 75- 4DL had two spacious lounge areas, perfect for family time during bad weather.


  • Storage: Motorhomes provide extensive storage options, including large cupboards and even garages in some models. Whether for winter trips or month-long journeys, we never lacked storage space.


  • Sleeping: Our Adamo could sleep four people in up-to four double beds. This flexibility is great for accommodating guests!


  • Long-Term Use: Motorhomes are ideal for extended stays. I once lived out of an old converted Vauxhall Astra Estate, which was challenging. The motorhome’s extra space makes long camping trips far more enjoyable. We met a couple who spent five months each year in theirs at a French campsite.


Advantages of a Motorhome

Making Your Decision

Consider how you’ll use the vehicle, who will use it, where you’ll travel, and what’s most important to you. Balance the need for living and storage space with the convenience of driving and parking. While compromises are inevitable, understanding your priorities will guide you to the best choice. Remember, even the best-designed vehicle can’t defy the laws of physics! Finally, once you’ve decided what type of Bailey you’re looking for, visit your local Bailey Approved Retailer through the ‘Find a Retailer’ page on the Bailey website.