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Aaron & Vicky Richardson- Caravan Chit Chat

29th May 2022 | Aaron & Vicky Richardson
Aaron and Vicky Richardson are the caravanning couple behind the social media, blog and YouTube channel, Caravan Chit Chat. Deciding to swap motorhome for caravan in October 2020, it's safe to say Aaron and Vicky haven't looked back on their decision.

You can follow the adventures of Caravan Chit Chat via their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog and YouTube Channel. Recently, we asked them a few questions on what they love about caravanning in their Unicorn Cadiz Black Edition. Here’s what they said…

Had you ever been caravanning or motohoming before?

Yes, we have. We started our caravanning journey back in 2016 when we rescued an old caravan that had been sitting in a field for two years! After a good clean up, we kept that caravan for nearly a year and had a great time in it. We even spend Christmas 2016 in it! We also both had parents that took us caravanning when we were young, so both grew up with it.

What inspired you to buy a caravan?

Because we both went caravanning in our childhood, it gave us something in common as soon as we met and the more reminiscing we did about our memories, the more we realised how much we would love a caravan of our own! We also wanted to enjoy holidays with our two little doggies, Ronnie and Max, and we knew caravanning would be perfect for that.

What is your favourite feature of your caravan?

We absolutely love the exterior and graphics on our Black Edition, along with the black alloys. It definitely makes it stand out on site. We also love the big window at the front too- it lets the light flood in.

Where is the furthest you have travelled in your caravan?

In the one we have now, the furthest has been South Devon. We absolutely love the West Country and try to get down there as often as possible!

Do any particular trips stand out for any reason?

Oooh, that’s a tough one as we’ve had so many great trips. Last Christmas away in North Wales felt very special. Waking up Christmas morning, opening presents with Christmas songs on the TV, a nice walk then a spectacular dinner cooked by Vicky in the van was amazing!

What is your bucket list destination to go caravanning?

We would love to go to Lake Garda in Italy. that would be the ultimate road trip for us. We are also hoping to get back into France too, we miss the wine, pastries and patisseries!

What are your caravanning plans over the next year?

We’ve got lots planned over the coming year with a mix of trips from local rallies that we are helping to marshal, to a nice week in Cornwall. We have booked New Year away in Devon and are even hoping to take the caravan to a family wedding this summer!

Christmas Eve 2021 during our trip to North Wales.

What makes caravanning special to you?/ What makes your holiday?

‚ÄčIt’s definitely the ability for us to spend some quality time together. We both work long hours and often are away from home so it’s lovely to be able to switch off and concentrate on ourselves and the dogs. Nothing makes us happier than walking with them on a quiet beach somewhere with the sounds of the waves crashing in to take us as far from everyday life as possible. Caravanning allows us to enjoy all different types of holidays too, from big meetups with friends, all-action sites with clubs and entertainment, to quiet little Certificated Locations in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a water tap. It really does give us such a huge sense of freedom!

A special thank you to Aaron and Vicky for writing this blog! Be sure the check out their social media and YouTube channel to keep updated on all their caravanning adventures.


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