How to hitch your caravan to your tow vehicle - step by step

To hitch-up, start by making sure the caravan’s handbrake is on, the corner steadies are raised and the height of the caravan’s hitch is higher than the tow ball on your car. Then follow these step by step instructions...



1. Reverse the car until the tow ball is underneath the caravan hitch. A motor-mover can make final adjustments easier especially if you’re doing this alone.

Tow ball underneath caravan hitch
Position the tow ball under the caravan hitch


2. Raise the stabiliser and hitch levers and lower the hitch on to the tow ball by winding the jockey wheel so the front of the caravan goes down.

Lower hitch onto tow ball
Lower the hitch onto the tow ball


3. Keep winding the jockey wheel until the hitch fits over the tow ball, and the visual indicator pops out, showing green. To double-check that the hitch is located correctly, wind the jockey wheel back down until the rear of your tow car lifts an inch or two.

Fit hitch over tow ball
Visual indicator on tow hitch showing green


4. Wind the jockey wheel all the way up, making sure the ‘forks’ locate into their slots. Undo the jockey wheel clamp, lift and secure out of the way.

Lift and secure jockey wheel
Jockey wheel wound all the way up


5. If you have a stabiliser hitch, push down the stabiliser arm and check that this visual indicator is also showing green.

Check stabiliser hitch showing green
Check the indicator is showing green


6. Attach the connector or connectors for the lights etc. If the cable is too long, twist it so it keeps from dragging on the road.

Attach connectors
Attach the connector(s)


7. Attach the breakaway cable. If your tow bar has an eyelet as a breakaway cable attachment point, loop the cable through this eyelet before clipping it back on itself.

Attach breakaway cable
Attach the breakaway cable


8. Attach towing mirrors to your tow vehicle. Adjust so the inner third of the mirror shows your tow vehicle with the remainder showing your caravan and the road behind.

Attach towing mirrors
Attach the towing mirrors
Making sure that your car’s handbrake is on, release the caravan handbrake and the motor-mover if you have one. Check that the caravan lights are working and that doors, windows and roof lights are closed. Make any final adjustments to the towing mirrors and you’re ready to go!
Lee Davey