You've arrived at your destination so now find out how to get everything set up


 You’ve checked-in at reception and manoeuvred your caravan onto the pitch. What’s next? Get everything sorted.

Firstly, if your caravan isn’t fitted with a motor-mover, it’s worth using a spirit-level to  ensure the caravan is level across its width before un-hitching the car.

The corner steadies aren’t designed to level the caravan on uneven ground, so you may need to pull it onto a levelling block.

With the caravan level across its width, you need to do the reverse of hitching up...

Advice for beginners Hitch Above Ball

To unhitch...

  1. Apply the caravan’s handbrake. Chock the wheels if necessary.
  2. Unclip the breakaway cable.
  3. Unplug the socket or sockets.
  4. Unclamp the jockey wheel, drop it into place and retighten.
  5. Disengage the stabiliser hitch and wind down the jockey wheel whilst lifting the coupling lever. The coupling should then lift from the car’s tow ball.

With your car moved out of the way, the next job is getting the caravan level along its length. Again, using the spirit-level, simply raise or lower the front of the caravan with the jockey wheel until level.

With the caravan level, wind down each of the corner steadies until they are firm.


With the caravan in place, what else do you need to do?


Electric Hook Up

If you’re using an electric hook-up, connect the cable between your caravan and the electrical hook-up bollard on your pitch – plug the cable into the caravan first, then the bollard


Turn on the fridge or switch it to mains electricity if you have been using the battery


Collect fresh water and connect it to the caravan

Grey Waste

Position the grey water collector and pipework ready for waste water from sinks, basins and showers


Turn on the gas

Yellow Toggle

Your caravan is fitted with a drain valve and it normally lives next to the water heater. There's a yellow 'toggle' an inch or two long - make sure this is horizontal to stop the water from your Aquaroll draining out

Turn on control panel

Turn on the electrics control panel and make sure the pump is on as well


When turning-on the water pump, keep the hot tap open until you get a steady flow

Turn on heater

Turn on the water heater

Toilet chemicals

Add the toilet chemicals. You'll generally need pink for the flush and blue/green for the waste tank

Cup of Tea

Put the kettle on for a cup of tea