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Delightful Dorset and the Jurassic Coast

08th October 2019 | Make Way With The Morleys
It’s been four weeks since our last trip and we couldn’t wait to get away again. Having said that, we took our time packing up the Pegasus Grande Palermo and set off later than we normally would.

What a mistake to make… our three-hour trip to delightful Dorset was turned into a six-hour trip. Fortunately, the girls were entertained, the caravan was towing nicely, and the dog was content in his crate, so the journey wasn’t as stressful as it might have otherwise been. Note to selves, always set off early on bank holiday weekends.

On arrival, we managed (or should I say Andy managed) to manoeuvre the Navara and our 8ft wide Pegasus Grande around the tight bends of the campsite. With a little help from the Powrtouch Mover the caravan was sited nicely on our pitch without damaging it, or anyone else’s tourer along the way. At this point in time, Isla decided it would be the perfect opportunity to check out the claims that the Alu-tech body shell really is as good as they say. Swiftly, she picked up a large, jagged stone and threw it full pelt into the side of the caravan. Fortunately, it withstood the test and the Pegasus remains unblemished!

Deciding that now would be a good time to take the kids to the play area, the girls and I left Andy to concentrate on the set up of the van. After playing on the park for a short time, we decided to go and explore the site and we took Bruno with us for a sniff around. To the girls’ delight, we found a shop selling sweets and to Bruno’s disgust, we found a shower for dogs, perfect for showering one’s sandy, four-legged, friend. On either side of the campsite, there are spectacular views of the Jurassic Coast. Eype Beach is on one side of the campsite and the cliffs of West Bay are on the opposite side.

After a lovely night’s sleep, Andy cooked breakfast on the Cadac, relishing yet another opportunity to use the external gas point. We then headed into Seaton where we met up with some old friends. Whilst the kids enjoyed becoming reacquainted on the adventure playground, we set about making plans for the day ahead.

Initially, we went into Seaton Jurassic, where we were taken on a journey through time. Luckily, the children were kept busy with the interactive exhibits and my friend and I were afforded some time to catch up. All that learning was thirsty work, so we headed into the café for a drink before heading off on a coastal walk to Beer.

Did someone say Beer! In the distance, Andy could hear the call from the pub, so whilst the kids enjoyed some time on the beach, hiding from seagulls, the men found their way to ‘The Barrel o’ Beer’. A quick half (or two!) later, we re-convened for our gentle stroll back along the winding costal path.

In the car, the girls soon fell asleep, only waking on arrival back at the caravan where they had a quick snack before snuggling in their bunks to re-charge for the next days adventures. Andy and I took some time to relax with our books before going to bed ourselves.

The following morning, we set off for Weymouth harbour for a spot of crabbing. Crabbing nets, buckets and bait purchased, we were ready and raring to go. Initially, the nets were in and out of the water like a dog on a hot day, but the smallest of the girls soon realised that a little patience was required… Success, the crabs took the bait and ended up taking a short swim in our buckets.

As lunchtime approached and tummies began to rumble there was only one lunch that felt right beside the sea. Yes, you’ve guessed it, fish and chips from Bennetts and they didn’t disappoint!

After lunch, the boys went to watch the football and the girls (and Bruno) headed off to the beach for a paddle and a play in the silky, soft sands. Venturing cautiously into the sea, Bruno stepped through the water like he was walking on hot coals. A short time later, he was back on dry land rubbing his face in the sand! It was beginning to look a lot like Andy would be giving him a bath this evening!

Using a mixture of wet, dry and sloppy sand, the girls created a magnificent fortress, before deciding it must be time to purchase some ice-cream. As we walked along the sea front, the dilemma was deciding which shop to purchase ice-cream from. Decision made, we sat in a seafront shelter and enjoyed our Eton mess, rocky road and candyfloss ice-creams.

Once we had collected a triumphant Andy (having watched Aston Villa win and get promoted back to the Premier League) from the pub, we set off on the journey back to Eype. Once we were back at the caravan it was time for a spot of tea before getting the girls ready for bed. Meanwhile Andy packed down the awning in preparation for our departure tomorrow.

Feeling that we hadn’t made the most of this lovely site we were determined to fit in a costal walk and a swim before leaving at 11 am. Briskly, we walked along the cliffs to West Bay enjoying the magnificent views of jagged cliffs, speckled with an abundance of wildflowers. On our return, excitedly, the girls and I went swimming whilst Andy, less enthusiastically, prepared the van for moving on all by himself.

Tentatively, the girls stepped into the warm water, yet it wasn’t long before they were diving in and out of the water like two little dolphins. They had a splashing time collecting their hoops from beneath the water and racing each other from one side of the pool to the other. Once we had finished swimming, we commenced onwards to our next destination… Longleat.


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