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Having previously spent the night in a Bailey Pegasus despite an exterior, cold chamber-induced temperature of -15, the time was right to give Alu-Tech construction a thorough, real-world workout with a trip to Austria.

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Scrolling through Facebook shortly after last-year’s school summer holidays, I spotted a post from a friend who was putting his caravan into storage once his kids had gone back to school. He figured the beginning of the new school year signalled the end of the caravanning calendar and after a spot of winterizing, his poor caravan would be put into hibernation until Easter.

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8.00am - Wake up! You need to get an early start if you want to beat the lift lines and get on the mountain while it's quiet.

8.15am - Breakfast time: Scrambled eggs on toast is always a good choice for breakfast and it easy to cook in the Brindisi, wash it down with a nice cup of tea or coffee and you’re ready for the day ahead.

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“There’s something so romantic about it”.  I’m in the pub after a post-Christmas round of golf and we’re discussing plans for 2016.  Everyone is under the age of 40 and we’re discussing motorhomes.  Prior to our trip around Ireland last summer I’d never set foot on one, let alone driven, cooked and slept in one.  It turns out, they’re not just for the retired or Max and Paddy.

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With our Bailey Pageant Brindisi we have an Isabella 420 Universal awning, it isn't full size but it certainly isn't small either.

 Every winter the main thing we do is add extra support poles, this is because you could go to sleep with grass showing and wake the next morning to 2ft of snow on the ground so you need to be prepared at all times. The snow adds a huge amount of weight to the awning so you need to be confident that you have put it up correctly and it is going to withstand that extra weight.

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Back in the day, caravans had gas lighting and a heater, fridge or oven was probably an option, or just not available. Times have changed. Things have moved on, but if you were asked to name the best changes to caravan and motorhomes in the last eight years (so since 2008), what would you say? Bigger rooflights and sunroofs maybe? Or energy-saving LED lighting?