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The Media pack and Media Pack Plus are new factory fit options for the 2017 Autograph motorhome range. Created in conjunction with sound technicians, a project was undertaken by Bailey to find the correct positioning and products to best suit the interior features of the new Autograph range.

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The innovative Bailey Unicorn, Pegasus and Pursuit ranges, featuring award winning designs, offer you real benefits of ownership and a real reason to change. Here’s a list of just 10 of the reasons why you should upgrade your caravan this summer.

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Scrolling through Facebook shortly after last-year’s school summer holidays, I spotted a post from a friend who was putting his caravan into storage once his kids had gone back to school. He figured the beginning of the new school year signalled the end of the caravanning calendar and after a spot of winterizing, his poor caravan would be put into hibernation until Easter.

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Back in the day, caravans had gas lighting and a heater, fridge or oven was probably an option, or just not available. Times have changed. Things have moved on, but if you were asked to name the best changes to caravan and motorhomes in the last eight years (so since 2008), what would you say? Bigger rooflights and sunroofs maybe? Or energy-saving LED lighting?