HistoricBattlefields 01

9th November 2018

To commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars, Bailey of Bristol Marketing Director, Simon Howard, took his two sons on a tour of historical battlefield sites as they visited France, Belgium and Holland this summer.

fishingportsandcoastalforts 02

6th November 2018

The Indian summer we enjoyed in September provided the perfect excuse for a shoulder season escape. We’ve just returned from a cheeky little trip to a stretch of English coastline where you can park right on the seafront and explore miles of deserted beaches, atmospheric old fishing ports and spectacular coastal forts.

Focus Group

 15th October 2018

 Asking the general public for product ideas can be a tricky business and with Walkers Crisps walking the product development tightrope in the 1980’s by asking us Brits what flavours we would like to see; a collective snigger could be heard in Woolworths when we saw hedgehog-flavoured crisps on the shelves.

Allianceblog 1

12th October 2018

It’s time to enjoy your holiday, your way as you explore the open road, discover new horizons and experience the freedom to go anywhere with the new Bailey Alliance.

Making its public debut at the Motorhome and Caravan Show on stand 19.25 (Hall 19) this October, the all-new Bailey Alliance will be available in a choice of six popular layouts.

RomanticRoad 1

2nd October 2018

At home, you wake up, get ready for work and give a big sigh when you see the rain outside your bedroom window. However, whilst on the open road you can change plans as easily as the weather changes. That’s how we came to travel along the Romantic Road (Romantische Strabe) in Germany.

AdvanceT Advance T Exterior20th September 2018

With all the comforts of home on the road, it’s time to go anywhere & do anything in the new Advance motorhome range from Bailey. 

The second-generation Bailey Advance is a range of lightweight, yet spacious, and well equipped, yet affordable, vehicles perfect for people looking to commit to their first new motorhome purchase.

Llyn Peninsula 1

27th July 2018

So about us… We are the Morris family, a family of four - Lee, Sian and our children Eleri and Rhys. Sian and I have been avid caravan and campers for years. Now we are keeping that dream alive in our own little family.

Phoenix launchblog 1

20th July 2018

From the north coast of Scotland to the southeast of France, it’s time for the wanderlust experience as you enjoy your holiday, your way in the new Bailey Phoenix.

Andy Jenkinson topten header

21st June 2018

From Martin Bailey’s first caravan built in his garage in South Bristol through to the current day, caravan expert Andrew Jenkinson picks his Top 10 Bailey caravans of all time to celebrate 70 years of innovation. 

Bristanbul clockingthemiles2 1

16th May 2018

Rain may have dominated the first part of the trip, but difficult border crossings became the norm during the second leg with significant time spent trying to extract both car and caravan from country after country. 

Bristanbul clockingthemiles1 header

26th April 2018

Rain dominated the early part of the trip and apart from a glimpse of blue skies in France, inclement weather followed us from Bailey’s HQ in Bristol.

Our #Bristanbul schedule is reasonably tight and the first handful of countries saw us mile munching on drenched motorways and dual carriageways which are always a test of car and caravan.

Bristanbul AnzacDay Adrian

25th April 2018

Visiting Gallipoli as part of the team that embarked on the trip from Bristol to the Bosphorus was emotional. We joined the team as they entered Turkey at Gallipoli and as part of the trip visited Hellas Memorial to commemorate the loss of my ancestors during World War I.

Anzac Day (25th April) marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. 

Bristol to the Bosphorus Campsites

 23rd April 2018

Our Bristanbul crew knew we were staying at a diverse variety of campsites during the trip. Each site was chosen because of its location, availability (ahead of the peak season) and needed to have other accommodation available, as there were more crew than spaces available in the caravans or motorhome.

Starting off in France, here’s part 1 to our accommodation guide from Bristol all the way to Dubrovnik.

Bristanbul roads intro

17th April 2018

As we headed out of Bristol on Monday 9th April on our #Bristanbul adventure we were unsure on some of the road conditions that lay ahead. With 6 days until we reached Dubrovnik in Croatia, we were about to experience some challenging weather, glorious views and tricky hairpins.

AllTheWorldsAStage 5


January 19th 2018

The City of London. 1843. It is Christmas morning and the church-bells are ringing as EBENEZER SCROOGE leans out of his upstairs window and shouts down to a young STREET URCHIN, passing below.

PCP Pegasus driving

5th January 2018

In recent years the popularity of PCP or Personal Contract Purchase has sky rocketed for those who are buying new cars. But interestingly, PCP has only recently been introduced to the leisure vehicle industry.

19th December 2017

Why not come on a journey with The Dickens Theatre who have been up and down the country treating people to a real Christmas Carol in Bailey motorhomes just as Charles Dickens himself used to do (although without so much horsepower!)

Box Hill

19th December 2017

Get out and enjoy the amazing British countryside this winter. Make the most of the stunning scenery, striking landscapes and bracing weather during the colder months as you hit the road on your caravan or motorhome adventure. 

Tistheseason 1

28th November 2017

Imagine the magic of caravanning or motorhoming AND the magic of Christmas all rolled into one magical thing! Doesn’t that sound just…well, magical? Luckily, our caravans and motorhomes are made to be used all year round so you need imagine no more. 

Preloved 2 pageant

16th November 2017

In my previous blog post I discussed some areas to consider when purchasing a second-hand caravan. In this second part, I discuss more areas away from the caravan, but will need some thought too. So, like before have your cup of tea ready, and let’s get started.

Pre Loved Part1 3

 14th November 2017

The second-hand caravan marketplace is a vast world. With such a wide diversity of caravans for sale, it can be quite overwhelming to find the perfect holiday home on wheels.

ebsr 0

 6th October 2017

My name is Mel & I’m a beachaholic. I admit it. The beach is my happy place. The ocean soothes my soul. The sea sets me free… You get the picture.

gowerphotoshoot 10

 19th September 2017

The moment we set eyes on the location, we knew this was perfect in every way for a photoshoot to showcase our new Unicorn range. In the heart of Wales lies the Gower Peninsula, a beautiful spot with its winding roads and stunning landscape.

Putting the new unicorn through its paces 1

5th September 2017

In order to create the new Unicorn, Bailey spent the last twelve months undertaking a comprehensive product review that started with customer and retailer focus group feedback sessions and finished with a thorough structural evaluation of the resulting pre-production models at the Millbrook Proving Ground.

Untitled 1 0000 Saturday breakfast

14th July 2017

Having taken a Bailey Autograph 75-2 motorhome to Paignton and stayed in the Australian Rangefinder in Devon, Bailey of Bristol Market Analyst Cristina and boyfriend Jake had enjoyed the two escapes, despite the differences between the two vehicles. 

Walnut Lakes

 23rd June 2017

Planning a trip away for that summer break? Practical Caravan, in conjunction with Bailey of Bristol, have compiled Britain’s best sites as chosen by you. But what are the sites that people truly love and go back to time-and-time again. 

Walkingwithdinosaurs 2

2nd June 2017

A UNESCO World Heritage Site. 185 million years of history. 95 miles of stunning coastline. Castles, coves, caves, lagoons, and cider. Delicious cider. So I just don’t get it? Why had we not been here before?

Caravanning but not as you know it the shambles

26th May 2017

As regular caravanners, taking the trip to York for the weekend in a 4-berth motorhome threw up all kinds of questions for Head of HR at Bailey of Bristol, Louise. Like shouldn’t we have brought the caravan instead?

weddingnotwellies weddingoutfits

11th May 2017

No matter what you might think of the British weather, if you’re going out for the weekend in a motorhome or caravan you’ll usually make sure to pack your wellies along with some sweaters. But for Darren, General Manager of Bailey Parts and Accessories, this time was different.

TheUniqueBeautyofMotorhoming 7

28th April 2017

I am a Cancerian. A crab. A nest-building, home-loving organiser. A bit of a control freak. Yet I had reached the age of 45 without ever setting foot in a motorhome.

eastereggsandfrogslegs 1

25th April 2017

The best thing about our Easter caravan holiday was seeing how much the children (8 and 11) enjoyed it - without having a TV or going anywhere near a Theme park.

HvC header

11th April 2017

The Arctic Circle and the Australian Outback are not the first places that come to mind when planning a trip in a caravan or motorhome.

AA CaptainScott 1

10th April 2017

Having spent the past few months planning an expedition to the Arctic, little did we know that there we had a direct family link to the frozen wastes working in our office – and it was one of the most famous expeditions of all time.

jr postarctic onroad

25th March 2017

I have been feeling very restless since we got back from the awesome experience of the Arctic Adventure. The planning and preparations have been a big part of my life over the last few months, so it’s a bit strange now it is all over.


17th March 2017

During the planning phase of the #ArcticAdventure, the conversation was understandably dominated by the most northerly point on our expedition map – Ivalo, Finland. The journey through the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia was our caravanning version of scaling Mount Everest with Test World, Ivalo, being our summit.

Arcticfun 4

16th March 2017

The Arctic Circle might not be the obvious choice for a caravanning holiday but as we pulled into Ranua Zoo Camping - some 50-miles south of the Arctic ‘border’ and heavily laden with snow - it proved that a caravan doesn’t mind where you take it as long as it’s helping you chase your dreams.

iceroadcaravanners 1

15th March 2017

Before the Bailey of Bristol ‘Arctic Adventure’, my ice road experience was limited to re-runs of Ice Road Truckers on the TV but our route to Ivalo, Finland gave us the opportunity to take to the ice with a caravan in tow.

AA testworld 2

14th March 2017

The Test World proving ground 300km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland had never had a caravan or motorhome on its test tracks before we rolled in 2,700 miles after starting our Arctic Adventure from its sister site, the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.


 13th March 2017


Of all the words in the English dictionary, this one sums-up the roads between the UK and Tallinn, Estonia the best. Our route from Millbrook, Bedfordshire to the Eurotunnel took in the delights of the M25 but flashbacks of commuter ring-road hell were soon quashed thanks to Belgium’s empty roads.

9th March 2017

Day Seven - Wednesday 8th March - Kuopio to Ranua

Travelling to Ranua via an ice road in Oulu. Overnight at Ranua Zoo Camp, part of the Ranua Wildlife Park.

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5th March 2017

Day Three - Saturday 4th March - Berlin to Torun

A morning sightseeing in Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate. Making our way to Poland, staying the night in a campsite at Tourin.

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3rd March 2017

Day One - Thursday 2nd March - Millbrook to Brugge

Crossing the Channel via the Eurotunnel and staying overnight at Camping Klein Strand, on the outskirts of Brugge.

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Headerimage finland planning

1st March 2017

Planning a holiday, and then looking forward to it, is all part of the fun, right? Well, planning for the Arctic Adventure was even more fun than usual.

Headerimage ArcticAdventure start

28th February 2017

On Wednesday 2nd March, we kick off our ‘Arctic Adventure’, where we are taking two of our new 530-4 and 550-4 Pursuit caravans, as well as a top of the range Autograph motorhome 75-2, on an epic 5,000-mile journey through Europe, across the Arctic Circle, and back.

Headerimage arcticadventure

27th February 2017

In a further demonstration of strength and durability, Bailey of Bristol is about to embark on another marathon product endurance test. This time the company, in association with The Caravan and Motorhome Club, will be taking two caravans (a Pursuit 530-4 and 550-4) and one motorhome (an Autograph 75-2) on an epic 5,000 mile journey to the Arctic Circle.

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