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Gender Pay Gap 2021

Bailey Caravans Ltd is a Bristol-based family-owned business with over seventy years’ experience in leisure vehicle design and manufacturing.

Being a family-owned business means that we care for and respect our employees; an ethos that is reflected within our core values, named ‘The Bailey Way’. A large part of how we work includes ensuring that we provide an inclusive workplace where people are treated equally, regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious belief. This is important to us, as we believe that an inclusive and respectful workplace empowers our employees to be more creative and provides everyone with opportunities to develop; and most importantly makes them want to stay with the business. We are proud of our long serving members, many of whom are in senior positions or in highly skilled technical roles.

The key figures for the reporting window (April 2020 – April 2021) when Bailey Caravans Ltd employed 452 people, 76 of whom were women, were as follows:

  • The difference in the hourly rate of pay (mean) – 16.4%
  • The difference in the hourly rate of pay (median) – 22.8%
  • The difference in bonus pay (mean) – 0%
  • The difference in bonus pay (median) – 0%
  • The percentage of employees who received bonus pay – Men 0% / Women 0%

The proportion of full-pay men and women in each of the four quartile pay bands are as follows:

Upper Quartile
Male – 85.4%
Female – 14.6%

Upper Middle Quartile
Male – 97.1%
Female – 2.9%

Lower Middle Quartile
Male – 66.3%
Female – 33.7%

Lower Quartile
Male – 83.5%
Female – 16.5%

Compared to our 2018-2019 data we have as a business improved both our mean and median pay scores, these were 21.9% and 25.6% but now 16.4% and 22.8% respectively. This positive change has been driven by an increase of 4.8% of females representing the upper quartile, which includes the recent promotion of the first female onto our Board of Directors.

Despite the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, seeing our recruitment practises slow, we have in the year to April 2021 recruited 69 people, 18 of whom are female; representing 26% of those recruited.

Bailey is committed to improving its gender pay equality further and therefore our ambition over the next year will be to focus on the following:

  1. To become an employer of choice in the local area, hiring apprentices and skilled workers across the business.
  2. Revisiting the values that underpin the business – ensuring that inclusivity and equality is at the heart of who we are.
  3. A review of statutory family friendly leave and pay for our employees.

We will also be introducing a grading structure into the business, to support with recruitment and retention.

Nick Howard
Managing Director, Bailey of Bristol
September 2021