Yun Family 1

 17th November 2017

The Yun’s are not your normal caravanning family.

Youngsun and Han Na along with their three children Minjun (11), Soeun (9) and Minha (6) decided to buy their first caravan, a new Bailey Series 3 Unicorn Valencia, from local recognised Retailer Wohnwagen in their home country of South Korea.

They then set off on what can only be described as an incredible first holiday together lasting 10 months, covering in the region of 20,000 miles and visiting 30 countries in the process!


Yun Family 2


This epic journey began by shipping the caravan along with the Yun’s trusty Kia Mohave V6 3.0 CRDi tow vehicle to Vladivostock on the eastern coast of Russia. From there they went due west driving the length of Russia before turning north for a tour of Scandinavia The next leg of the journey took them across Western Europe to the UK where they drove to the northern tip of Scotland before turning around again and heading south. There they stayed in what Mrs Yun described as the ‘most beautiful place on their journey so far’ – the Isle of Skye off the west coast.     


Yun Family map


At about the 14,000 mile mark they made it to Bristol specifically to visit the factory where their beloved Unicorn caravan was built. Their caravan is a UK specification Series 3 Unicorn Valencia with a number of specific enhancements. To cope with the variable road conditions they were likely to experience, particularly in Russia, the Yun’s asked their Retailer to fit an air suspension system to the existing AL-KO chassis. Plus, to ensure that the family could caravan off grid for extended periods they had two extra solar panels (in addition to the one already supplied as standard) and a 70 litre on board water tank fitted.


Yun Family 3


Whilst at South Liberty Lane they received an extensive tour of the factory as well as wide selection of Bailey goodies supplied by PRIMA Leisure. The Bailey Rapid Response team also undertook a number of minor repairs on the caravan to ensure it was in tip top condition before they left for the final leg of the journey.


Yun Family 9


This will see them head south again down through Europe and along the Adriatic Coast as far as Greece, before crossing to Italy and travelling north again as far a Berlin. There in February the 20,000 mile journey will come to an end, with the car and caravan enjoying a well-earned rest on a ship back to Korea while the family fly home.   


Yun Family 4


We’d like to thank the Yun Family for allowing us to share briefly in their fantastic adventure, which shows that the only limitation on how far and how long you can go on a caravan holiday is your imagination.


Yun Family 6


Yun Family 8


Further details around the world trip being undertaken by the Yun family can be viewed at the following links




Finally, just in case you were worrying about the children’s education whilst they were away, both Youngsun and Han Na are teachers, so there has been plenty of home schooling factored into the itinerary!