170602 BaileyAustraliaCoastal

19th June 2017

Seven years after successfully introducing the Bailey caravan brand into Australia, the company is reaffirming its commitment to this key export market with further investment in new distribution outlets and new locally manufactured products.

170602 BaileyAustraliaMelbourne

Bailey Australia Melbourne HQ


The Australian caravan market is currently about the same size as that of the UK, but a great deal more fragmented with approximately 130 indigenous manufacturers. Initially Bailey carved a niche for itself there by supplying models from its existing UK Pursuit, Pegasus and Unicorn ranges that were tailored to suit the local market* - both in terms of product specification (for the example the fitment of such items as on-board water tanks and air conditioning units) and ensuring that they were fully compliant with stringent Australian type approval standards.

In order to capitalise fully on the opportunity that this important market affords, Bailey took the decision in 2015 to form a wholly owned subsidiary in the country. Two years on and Melbourne-based Bailey Leisure Pty Ltd is now a fully established manufacturing company producing up to 300+ caravans per year.  The first locally produced Bailey range was the Rangerfinder which was developed using a combination of Anglo-Australian design expertise to create models specifically tailored to the Australian audience.  Other than the caravan body shell panels, which are supplied from Bailey UK’s Large Panel Manufacturing Plant in the UK, all other components of the vehicle are sourced locally.


170602 BaileyAustralia 3 NSW

Rangefinders on display in New South Wales


Such has been the popularity of the Rangefinder that Bailey Australia will shortly be introducing its second new range, the Coastal, later this year. For full information on the Bailey Australia product ranges please visit www.baileyaustralia.com.au.

170602 BaileyAustraliaCoastal

Inside the new Australian-built Coastal Caravan range


As in the UK, one of the key selling points for Bailey caravans in Australia is the Alu-Tech body shell construction system. This fully patented technology produces vehicles that are more robust, more durable and yet lighter than those manufactured using conventional methods and offer greater protection against the elements to keep owners comfortable, safe and secure all year round. All of which makes caravans built this way ideally suited for the rugged terrain and harsh climatic conditions found ‘Down Under’. To date approaching 50,000 Alu-Tech leisure vehicles have been built and are currently being enjoyed all over the world.

To prove this point Bailey Australia took two Rangefinder caravans on the ultimate 6,000 km endurance challenge from the west to the east coast straight through the centre of the country. This unique test took the caravans through some of the most remote parts of Australian Outback travelling over approximately 2,200 kms of gravel, dirt and corrugated roads in the process. During this two-week structural examination the two Bailey caravans stood up to everything thrown at them and safely negotiated all of the obstacles put in their path – showing they could hold their own in even the toughest conditions. To fully appreciate what the caravans went through please watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI6-kKBSQtg

170602 Rangefinderontheroad

Australian-built Bailey Rangefinder on test during the 2015 W2E Challenge


Bailey caravans are sold in Australia through a national Retailer network and at the 40+ state and regional shows held throughout the year. In order to improve the distribution of its products in this competitive market, in a new move Bailey has established the first of its own solus dealerships in Morisset, Northern New South Wales. Stocking a full range of new and pre-owned Bailey caravans, Bailey New South Wales also boasts a first-class service centre, leisure store and storage facilities. For more details please visit http://www.baileynsw.com.au/. Following the success of this new venture Bailey is planning to open its second retail outlet in Queensland later this year.

170602 BaileyAustralia 1 NSW

First Bailey-owned retail outlet in Morisset, New South Wales


Bailey (UK) Managing Director, Nick Howard, said, “We have invested over £2 million to date in establishing our presence in Australia. The decision to start manufacturing bespoke Australian products in Melbourne is really beginning to pay dividends in terms of sales growth and we anticipate that this will become an increasingly important market for Bailey going forward”.


*Please note Australian specification caravans can only be purchased locally through Approved Australian Retailers and cannot be supplied to customers in the UK.