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7th October 2017

Bailey caravans and motorhomes have received positive recognition in the UK’s largest ever customer survey on buying and owning a leisure vehicle. The Leisure Vehicle Survey was commissioned by The Caravan Club and contains the feedback of 40,000 caravan and motorhome owners on their leisure vehicle, the manufacturers who built them and the retailers who supplied them.

Encouragingly overall 89% caravan owners & 91% motorhome owners in the survey are happy with their vehicles which is excellent news for the industry as a whole. Significantly the results showed that there has also been a noticeable uplift in standards since the introduction of new construction methods, pioneered by Bailey with its patented Alu-Tech technology, which is having a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Bailey was the largest single brand represented in the survey accounting for 26% of caravan and 3% of motorhome responses. In terms of manufacturer performance Bailey caravans secured the second highest overall satisfaction rating for a current brand and were the second most likely to be recommended by respondents. Bailey was also considered first by caravan owners for innovation, affordability, its Retailer Network and acting on customer feedback.

Commenting on the results Bailey Marketing Director Simon Howard said “We take a lot of positives from the feedback we received from our owners in this extensive survey. Total customer satisfaction is top priority at Bailey and this independent owner feedback shows that we are on the right track in terms of product performance and customer service. However, we shall be looking closely at the findings of the report to identify the areas which we can improve upon to take ourselves forward”.

“In an industry where we are never short of opinion it is great that The Caravan Club has taken the time and effort to quantify the views of its members on their vehicles. The Leisure Vehicle Survey results provide us with the largest independent data set on the performance of our caravans and motorhomes in use; the findings of which will provide a sound empirical basis to our design decisions in the future. Ultimately this will help us produce better-made products that better suit the needs of new and existing customers” he added.

Over the past eighteen months Bailey has implemented a comprehensive corporate re-development programme entitled Project Aurora, where it has introduced modern manufacturing and business principles and procedures to the company, indeed to the industry, for the first time.

All parts of the company have benefited from this new initiative but two areas which have already received significant investment have been the Product Development and Customer Services Departments. As a result, Bailey now has many more people spending a much greater period of time developing new and better considered vehicles that will be easier to manufacture and will perform better in use. In addition, in the unlikely event that a customer experiences a problem with their caravan or motorhome we are now in a much better position to respond to their issues and rectify them both accurately and efficiently to minimise any potential disruption or loss of use.

Full details of the results of The Caravan Club Leisure Vehicle Survey can be found on the following link: www.caravanclub.co.uk/news-and-events/news/club-news/2016/sep/leisure-vehicle-survey-results

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