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8th March 2016

Bailey of Bristol has struck gold again, this time as a Manufacturer of New Motorhomes in the 2016 Practical Motorhome Magazine Customer Satisfaction Survey. Bailey accounted for 5% of the total responses in the new motorhome survey and achieved an overallsatisfaction rating of 86% in the survey, which was the highest rating for a UK volume manufacturer, and in doing so secured a coveted Gold Award.

This recognition follows the recent receipt of a further two Gold Awards as a Manufacturer of both New and Pre-Owned Caravans in the Practical Caravan Magazine Owner Satisfaction Survey 2016, which shows that collectively our customers are experiencing consistently high levels of enjoyment from their Bailey Leisure Vehicle irrespective of what it is and how much they paid for it.

In spite of these encouraging results the company is very appreciative that more can be done to further improve customer satisfaction in the future and has been taking active steps to do so.

Over the past eighteen months Bailey has implemented a comprehensive corporate re-development programme entitled Project Aurora, where it has introduced modern manufacturing and business principles and procedures to the company, indeed to the industry, for the first time.

All parts of the company have benefited from this new initiative but two areas which have already received significant investment have been the Product Development and Customer Services Departments. As a result Bailey now has many more people spending a much greater period of time developing new and better considered vehicles that will be easier to manufacture and will perform better in use. In addition in the unlikely event that a customer experiences a problem with their caravan or motorhome we are now in a much better position to respond to their issues and rectify them both accurately and efficiently to minimise any potential disruption or loss of use.

The Bailey Retailer Network also put in a strong showing in this year’s survey securing a collective total of two gold and two silver awards. Particular credit should go to Becks Motorhomes who achieved the highest overall satisfaction rating for a Retailer in the new motorhome survey.

The Practical Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Survey is compiled using direct customer feedback on all aspects of ownership on an annual basisFull results can be found in the March Issue of Practical Motorhome Magazine and on their web site at www.practicalmotorhome.com