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1st March 2018

Specifically designed with the British climate in mind, the new Bailey Advance is an undisputable four-season vehicle. 

How can we claim this? There is the introduction of the 4E Truma Combi heating system to provide central heating and hot water and the market-leading thermal characteristics of the Alu-Tech bodyshell keeping the elements at bay – be they hot or cold - all underpinned with rigorous testing.

Like the first-generation Advance, the new range joins the rest of the Bailey fleet as having certified Grade 3 thermal insulation.

What does Grade 3 mean? Grade 3 is a British standard that makes sure your leisure vehicle is suitable to be used all-year round, not just in a UK winter, in a super cold -15 degrees winter.  We investigated the requirements; although caravans don’t have to be tested in a chamber, we decided we wanted this level of insulation for all of our fleet.

Since 2008, when we first introduced the Alu-Tech construction system, we realised that Grade 2 could be better and since then every caravan and motorhome has been put through the stringent British standard testing to ensure our vehicles are able to cope with extreme temperatures - Grade 3 classification.


coldchamber Advance 4


The Grade 3 test is simple. Inside the Truma and Alde Climate Centre in Derby, the external temperature is dropped to -15 degrees centigrade and then timed to find out how long it takes for the habitation area to reach 20 degrees centigrade inside with the heating on full. Following the heat up test, the vehicle is left to stabilize for an hour, and then water is run through all taps to ensure everything is working as normal. 


coldchamber Advance 2


The new Advance motorhome - like all Bailey caravan and motorhomes - passed with flying colours, and this means that no matter when or where your next holiday is, keeping warm will be simple.  

However, while simulated testing is one thing, we believe that nothing actually beats putting your products through their paces yourself in challenging real-life situations. Which is why in March 2017, with an Autograph motorhome and two Pursuit caravans, we embarked on a 5,000-mile trip to Northern Finland, 180 miles inside the Arctic Circle.


iceroadcaravanners 2


Happily, especially for those who were relying on them, the vans took everything in their stride, proving that they are genuine ‘go anywhere’ and ‘do anything’ vehicles.

Not convinced?  Why not have a look at the Arctic Adventure videos and see the team meeting Santa Claus.

Life is for living, so no matter what the weather, start making those magical memories with the new Advance, a vehicle tested in the extremes.


coldchamber Advance 5