Unicorn technical enhancements arriving in retailers

17th August 2017

 It’s time to believe in Unicorn’s again as models from the fourth generation of the UK’s best-selling premium caravan range start to arrive at Bailey Retailers in September.

The new Unicorn has seen a number of technical enhancements both inside and out, with these well thought-out vehicles including a host of features designed to make ownership more enjoyable.


Designed with your help

In order to create the new Unicorn, Bailey has spent the past twelve months undertaking a comprehensive product review that started with customer and retailer focus group feedback sessions and finished with a thorough structural examination of the resulting pre-production models at the Millbrook Proving Ground.

The result is a real step forward in Bailey caravan design. The dramatic new looks now set Unicorn apart from previous Alu-Tech caravans and clearly identify it as a top-of-the-range leisure vehicle. Add to that comprehensive specification levels, accessible unladen weights and a competitive retail price, along with a host of new practical touches and, we believe, the fourth generation Unicorn range will be an extremely tempting proposition for the discerning caravan owner.


Unicorn technical enhancements designedwithyourhelp

Model Shown - Vigo


Streamlined exterior look and feel

The newly designed front profile of the fourth-generation Unicorn now features streamlined gloss black windows with a highline polar white bumper. The look of the entire caravan has been transformed with stylish new decals, low profile windows and a completely redesigned single piece rear bumper with full-width handrail.


Unicorn technical enhancements streamlinedexterior

Model Shown - Cadiz


Unicorn technical enhancements streamlinedexterior 2

Front windows and rear bumper


Space in abundance

Bailey has harnessed the unrivalled strength and durability of the Alu-Tech body shell to free up more space inside the caravan. All of the layouts have therefore been appreciably reconfigured to maximise the available interior living space, providing seats and beds that are up to 5% and 10% longer respectively in most models and a 30% increase in kitchen worktop space.


Unicorn technical enhancements space 1

Seats and beds up to 5% and 10% longer respectively in most models


With front bunks increased in size for day lounging, and with people also looking for longer bed lengths to accommodate taller people the changes in the living space have totally transformed the feel of the new Unicorn.


Unicorn technical enhancements space 2

A 30% increase in kitchen worktop space


Technical enhancements inside and out

Thanks to the in-depth analysis, research and innovative problem solving, the Unicorn’s four-season touring credentials are further enhanced with a fully specified Alde programmable central heating system with user-friendly digital control panel and battery back-up for uninterrupted programming. The result is a caravan that heats up quicker than any other on the market, keeping you warmer no matter how cold it gets outside.


Unicorn technical enhancements alde heating

Alde programmable central heating system with battery back-up


With 80% of Unicorn owners asking for a motor mover to be fitted to their caravan, all new models are now pre-wired for the easy installation of this retailer fitted upgrade. Whilst centrally mounted gas lockers and floor mounted battery boxes improve the caravan weight distribution making it inherently more stable and thus safer on the road.


Unicorn technical enhancements battery box

Floor mounted battery boxes


Unicorn technical enhancements gas lockers

Centrally mounted gas lockers


Relax and unwind

At the end of the day when you want to relax and unwind you can listen to your favourite songs on an upgraded Bluetooth compatible sound system and with up to eight USB points located around the caravan there are now ample charging stations for your smart phones and tablets.


Unicorn technical enhancements bluetooth

Upgraded Bluetooth compatible sound system


Unicorn technical enhancements USB points

 Up to eight USB charging points along with storage pockets for your devices


In short everything has been thought of to make your holidays as easy and enjoyable as possible, so isn’t it time you started to believe in Unicorns again?


Unicorn technical enhancements finalimage