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25th April 2017

The best thing about our Easter caravan holiday was seeing how much the children (8 and 11) enjoyed it - without having a TV or going anywhere near a Theme park.

It was a pleasure to hear them ask: “Daddy, can we have a family board game night again?” I can’t remember the last time they asked that at home. Two evenings of Cluedo, Monopoly over breakfast and umpteen games of Uno resulted in lots of giggles (especially when they beat me, which was most of the time) but, best of all, the quality family time together.

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We’d booked a last minute trip to France and were blessed with unusually warm weather for the time of year. That meant we could really make the most of the outdoors, enjoying meals al fresco and exploring the beautiful countryside.

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This included two unforgettable new experiences – paddling a canoe around the beautiful Lac d’Aiguebelette in the Rhone-Alpes for two hours, and white water rafting in the Haut Verdon in south east France. The children will particularly remember these activities as they both had to overcome some nerves, particularly the rafting after my son and I fell overboard!

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Then there was the snake incident. It was harmless, but as our first encounter with one in the wild (while walking through some woodland), it did cause some loud shrieks (from the children, I should add). I think it was probably more scared of us than we were of it, as it disappeared before we could get any photographic evidence.

We’ll also remember how nice it was touring in France at Easter as the sites were quite empty and we usually got to choose our pitch. We also noticed how green and lush the countryside looks in spring compared to seeing it in summer after months of excessive heat. However, not all sites are open in early April, so we were really grateful for the recommendations we got from the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s foreign touring department for our 10 day family spring break.

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This was our first holiday in France for a while, so it was great to give the children some experience of the country and its language. We enjoyed hearing them say a few words and made them buy things at a couple of local markets. They also enjoyed the independence of going to get the fresh croissants every morning that we’d ordered from the site’s reception.

There were some aspects of France they weren’t impressed with; such as seeing frogs legs on the menu at the lovely restaurant at Le Coin Tranquille or Daddy trying snails in the restaurant at Château de l’Epervière. They won’t forget that in a hurry!