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12th August 2016

I was already looking forward to our GlideSoul Girls Tour weekend – but it was as Fee and I went to collect our Approach-Autograph motorhome for the weekend from Michael Jordan Caravans in Surrey that the excitement really grew – as we first laid eyes on the luxury motorhome that was to be our home for the weekend!


I've not personally stayed in a motorhome before – but already I was planning to ditch the bricks and mortar and take up the life of freedom on the road! After the initial, it seems obligatory, battle with the M25 traffic, we were on our way! The weekend of water sports fun and games had begun!

We had a motorhome full of beautiful colourful GlideSoul wetsuits – and we were planning to use them and everything at our disposal (including an inflatable crocodile!) to get more girls active and enjoying all the water sports fun we have at our disposal here in the UK.

As we pulled into Box End Park, Bedford, in the late evening – there was a wash of relief as we remembered that, for a change, we weren't going to have to pitch a tent in the dark, and that there would be no mosquitos nibbling at our ankles this weekend!  Our only concern was deciding who was going to claim which bed!

We woke bright and early to the sight of the wild swimmers completing their laps of the lake...as we sat comfortably under our duvets sipping our coffee!  Breakfast done and it was time to head off to our first tour stop for the day; Twinwoods Adventure, to take on the Flow rider!

Bailey water sports in action

We were met by manager Jess and Millie Clark, current UK Flow rider champion, as she demo'd her amazing skills in preparation for her trip to Ibiza the following week to defend her title.  So....not much to live up to then!!

After much fun and frolics on the static wave, primarily involving us getting accustomed to the sensitivity of the flow rider compared with other regular water sports activities, we said our fond farewells and were back on the road.

Bailey water sports inside caravan

We arrived on the dock back at Box End Park; the motorhome becoming Aladdin's Cave meets Mary Poppin's magic bag for all the excited girls that greeted us, as we pulled out suit after suit of beautiful neon neoprene in all shapes, sizes and colours!

It was amazing to see the spark that something as simple as a well fitted and attractive looking wetsuit can do to boost womens' confidence.  There was a real buzz as the girls came out onto the dock and got ready to hit the water; it was a team of girls on a mission to try new tricks and explore just how much they were capable of!

Not even the typical British stormy weather could dampen their spirits – and in fact the contrast of the suits against the grey skies really made them stand out, and set the scene for some beautiful imagery of some the girls throwing down some awesome tricks!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to friends, old and new, as we jumped back in the motorhome and set off across the country – bound for Hannams Wake Park in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

We arrived at the System 2.0 cable park – set hidden amongst unassuming cabbage and solar fields – and sat to enjoy a glass of bubbles to celebrate a successful first day, as we watched the sunset.  This was set to become a weekend on which memories were made.

Bailey water sports The next day, after the obligatory bacon sandwiches, the wetsuits were back out!  This time, we had a colourful vibrant graffiti backdrop against which much fun and hilarity would ensue!  After some impressive wakeskate demos, some Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga, the inflatable came out!

Although the weekend was about encouraging girls to get active and into water sports, it was as much about encouraging them to just get out in the great outdoors and have some fun too!  Whatever and however the opportunity presents itself!

But alas - all good things must come to an end.  However I'm not going to lie – as we packed up and headed back on the road bound for London, we were already planning our next great adventure to get more girls out on the water!!