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6th May 2016

A couple of caravans ago, our new addition came with a motor mover and from that moment I’ve become so reliant on the humble mover that my first mission was to have one fitted. Our night in the Truma cold chamber also involved a factory tour and after chatting with the tech team, a Truma motor-mover was well worth the 360-mile round trip to get one fitted at their UK base.

pursuit caravan and boy

Over-excited doesn’t begin to describe how Charlie was when we got home and with waiting a week out of the question, we had a boy’s night in the Pursuit while it was parked on the driveway. Fast forward to a more picturesque setting seven days later and we’d arrived at a site near Lands End complete with a beach that was just a short walk away. Picture postcard doesn’t begin to describe Gwenver Beach, so-much-so that replacing our pitch with a hotel room or holiday cottage would’ve attracted a serious premium - but here we were, a family of four, staying at this idyllic spot for just £25 per night. Bill (our Jack Russell) was also enjoying Cornwall as what dog doesn’t love to holiday with the rest of his family?

dog in caravan

The best bit about avoiding a pricey cottage or woodland lodge is what you can do with the spare cash. With 2x kids and 15 years of my mortgage remaining I can only dream of a Panamanian offshore account but our keenly-priced accommodation means we can pitch the Pursuit and choose an activity. St Ives is just 15 miles from the glorious Trevedra Farm site and a short hop by car meant I could indulge Poppy in her holiday pastime of choice – surfing. St Ives Surf School did us proud and Simon, our instructor, worked hard at getting us all stood-up on the board. Poppy & Charlie were positively beaming - thanks in part to my appalling sense of balance – so, worn-out and in need of a rest, we headed back to the Pursuit where we watched the ships pass by from the warm, comfy lounge while we sipped hot chocolate.

on the beach

Part 2 of our extreme caravanning week required a move towards Truro which, if you’ve yet to tow a caravan, involves little more than a spot of packing before hitching-up and heading-off to pastures new. Loe Beach Watersports is a 10-minute drive from The Caravan Club’s Carnon Downs site and we’d booked a couple of activities that were at opposite ends of the adrenalin spectrum – powerboating and paddleboarding.

Bailey boating

A 50hp engine on a RIB (rigid Inflatable Boat) can produce grins of epic proportions and Bob, our instructor, gave Poppy & Charlie a water-based ‘driving’ lesson on the slower, calmer water. With confidence built and everyone wearing Cheshire Cat-sized smiles, Bob took us for a spin on the rougher stuff which prompted Charlie to say ‘This is what you call cool - nothing can beat this!’ Understandably, this statement put a bit of pressure on the paddleboarding which we had planned for the afternoon but we needn’t have worried as paddling is the perfect partner for zipping about on the water and requires as much concentration as powerboating requires adrenalin.

Bailey paddle boarding

Wetsuits peeled-off and steaming cups of tea made, taking your own ‘home’ with you is invaluable when exploring as a family and the familiar surroundings have children nodding-off in no time. The Pursuit’s lounge is our favourite feature and converts to a double-bed that’s comfier than a lot of fixed-beds I’ve slept in. The shower is roomier than its price class suggests and the kitchen boasts enough preparation space for a budding Mary Berry. In the interest of balance, additional sockets to the rear would be handy for Poppy & Charlie as would another reading light above our double-bed.

cosy caravan

We’ve covered 800 miles so far but have lots more exploring to do. We’ll be testing our (limited) language skills, climbing into more wetsuits, peddling pushbikes for all we’re worth, going green, searching for steam and, occasionally, putting our feet up and doing absolutely nothing. Did I mention the city break? The possibilities are endless…

caravan being towed