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 12th April 2016

Showing how our leisure vehicles are truly built for four seasons of touring, Bailey Snow Season has been running all winter. Testing our caravans further and for longer than ever before. Now the snow season is finishing for the year and the slopes will slowly start turning green we wanted to catch up with Faye & Simon to see what they made of their snowy winter in a Bailey Pegasus Brindisi.


Bailey Blog:  How did you find moving to the New Pegasus caravan from your Pageant Vendee?

Faye & Simon: It was strange leaving the Pageant behind, we were so used to the layout that the first couple of nights felt strange but we love how spacious it feels inside the Pegasus! We also love the colour schemes and extra kitchen space makes life so much easier, having the bigger fridge too is great.




Bailey Blog:  Has using the Brindisi changed any of your daily routine?

Faye & Simon:  Yes, Cooking is a lot easier in the Brindisi, not only do we have more kitchen space but the bigger fridge means we can store more food and cook healthier dishes because we have the space to store ingredients. Having the new Combi heater and better body shell we find that when we come home from snowboarding we don't need to crank the heating up right away, with the Pageant we would have to keep our snowboarding clothes and thermals on while we waited for the caravan to warm up.

Bailey Blog:  Do you like using the transverse island bed?

Faye & Simon: The Island bed is great, it is so much easier to make the bed in the morning and being able to make it shorter during the day is really handy too. I think it looks really nice and homely.

Bailey Blog:  Did you ever test out the DreamSleep bed make-up system?

Faye & Simon:  We had some family and friends visit us and they used the DreamSleep bed system, we found that making the bed up takes no time at all and is just as easy to but away too.

Bailey Blog:  What are your favourite features of the Pegasus?

Faye & Simon:  The front window is awesome we love opening it up and being able to see the mountain views on a morning. The front end of the caravan is great too, the TV fits there perfectly and also the pull out table is really handy. Our Truma Combi heater has been a pleasure to use, we have had no problems with it all winter and it's super easy to use. It is so nice being able to come back to a warm cosy caravan after a long day on the mountain.

Bailey Blog:  Did you feel any warmer in the Pegasus than in your Pageant Vendee?

Faye & Simon:  Yes, we certainly noticed a difference in the Pegasus, the Pageant Vendee was certainly warm enough but we had to have the heating on a higher setting to achieve a nice temperature saving us money. Even when the heating isn't switched on it feels warmer inside the Pegasus compared to the Pageant.


Bailey in the snow


Bailey Blog:  Have you learnt any new snowboarding tricks this season?

Yes, we have learnt some new tricks this season, unfortunately Simon suffered a shoulder injury just as the conditions were at the best of the season so he has spent a lot of time recovering from that.

Bailey Blog:  What is your favourite dish to cook in the caravan?

Faye & Simon: Our friends brought us some English bacon, sausages and baked beans to Austria so we really enjoyed cooking a classic breakfast and enjoying some home treats.

Bailey Blog:  What was your biggest snowboarding fail?

Faye & Simon:  Forgetting my lift pass and having to drive all the way back to the caravan to get it, only to return and realise I had picked up an old pass for a different resort and had to go back AGAIN! Oops.


Bailey in the snow


Bailey Blog:  Why do you like using your caravan for your winter snowboarding seasons?

Faye & Simon:  It makes it a lot easier to take all of our equipment with us, it's a cheaper way of spending the season in a ski resort and also we love having our own space to relax in. It feels homely wherever we take it!

Bailey Blog:  Do your friends and family ever join you in your winter caravanning trips?

Faye & Simon:  Yes we have a few friends with motorhomes and caravans that come to visit us over the winter season. Because of the lower cost of a motorhome trip our friends have done 3 trips here this winter for the same price as a week stay in a French chalet! Our UK employer even visited us with her family in their motorhome to do some skiing too!

Bailey Blog:  What’s your favourite song to listen to in the caravan?

Faye & Simon:  The radio in the caravan is great, we often just listen to the cheesy European music on the local stations! If we are having a BBQ we plug our iPods into it and take turns playing songs!


Bailey teenagers


Bailey Blog:  Are you a carpet up or carpet down couple?

Faye & Simon:  We are definitely a carpet down couple! It feels so cosy with the carpet and like how it looks too.

Bailey Blog:  What has been your favourite part of the Bailey Snow Season experience?

Faye & Simon:  The whole experience has been great, the journey out here was fun and stress free and living in the Pegasus has been really nice. It has really shown that the new Bailey caravans have improved a lot over the years, our Pageant is more than enough to live in during the winter season but the Pegasus brings a whole new luxury feel to the adventure!




Bailey Blog:  Now that spring is here, what are your plans for the summer?

Faye & Simon:  Springtime means we will be heading back to the New Forest in the UK to start our summer of working as campsite wardens at Green Hill Farm. There is a wakeboard lake 10 minutes away so that will keep us busy and we will make trips to the indoor snow slope at Hemel Hempstead to keep our snowboard legs working! Summer is all about working hard and enjoying the nice weather (fingers crossed)!