Taking a photo in front of our new Bailey caravan

12th March 2019

The collection day of your new caravan is an important milestone. There is lots to take in and it can be quite overwhelming. With that said, you may wonder what to expect on the big day.

There are several steps that you will be guided through to make sure you are happy with your new purchase and in this blog, I will give you some idea of what to expect. Each retailer will operate in a slightly different way, but the key points are covered below.


Before you arrive

If you are buying your very first caravan, please make sure you bring your drivers licence and your current V5 document for the towing car. Retailers will require this to make the number plate for the caravan.

Also, don’t forget to bring some ID with you and proof of your address if you are purchasing the caravan via a finance option. If you are not using finance to purchase or have obtained finance elsewhere make sure you have arranged the appropriate method of payment.

Out of courtesy, it is advised to arrive at the dealership at your agreed appointment time. A timeslot should have been agreed prior to collection, and if you’re unable to make this appointment please notify them as soon as possible.

If you are trading in an existing caravan make sure you bring the caravan, Cris registration document, warranty and all keys, locks and remote controls to operate the caravan.


On the day

Once you arrive, make yourself known to the dealership. If you are part exchanging a caravan, this will be taken and appraised, while you will be given an in-depth tour of the new caravan demonstrating the features and facilities.

There is a lot of information to take in and if you are unsure on anything, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s also a good idea to take a pen and pad to write any notes down. Usually the caravan will be warm, have fresh water and gas connected. This allows you to see the caravan functioning and to give an active demonstration on how it all works.

Once you are happy with the caravan you might also be shown how to hitch your car to the caravan and a demonstration of hitching up in a safe and legal manner will be completed.

After the demonstration and tour of the caravan has been completed, you will go through any documentation such as warranty information of any accessories you have had installed and caravan registration.


Paying for new Bailey caravan and completing the paperwork

Finalising paperwork and payment for the new caravan


Depending on how you are funding this purchase, the balance will now be paid. If it’s a finance agreement, the instruction will commence on this date, but if you have already sourced an alternative funding option you will be asked to settle the outstanding balance at this point. If you are part exchanging an existing caravan, this will also be discussed at this point.


After collection

Once you leave I highly recommend taking your caravan away to a local caravan site for a couple of nights to test the caravan in your own time and space. Some retailers have an agreement with a local site, and this will allow you to try all the systems and to make sure you are happy with your new purchase before you leave for home.


First night away testing our new Bailey Ridgeway

Testing out the new Bailey Ridgeway on its first trip


Collection day can be an overwhelming time and key information can be forgotten. Trust me, I know. If something isn’t right or you simply cannot recall how something should work, don’t feel embarrassed to contact your dealership and ask any questions. It is in their interest to make sure you are a happy customer.

I hope this 2-part blog has been useful for you, and as I set out at the beginning each retailer will operate in a slightly different way, but the key points will be covered.


Buying accessories for our new Bailey caravan at Prima Leisure

Treat your new caravan to some new accessories at Prima Leisure


So, until next time happy caravanning. And if you are waiting to collect the caravan – be sure to check out Prima Leisure for accessories and gadgets to complement your new purchase.