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11th December 2018

If, like me, you enjoy a gadget or two then perhaps this top 5 selection may interest you. Bailey of Bristol asked me to come up with a gadget list that caravanners and motorhome owners can enjoy in equal measure.

But where to start? I won’t lie, this list has taken me some time to create. My list includes a couple of items for safety, a grill, a Wi-Fi connection kit and something to listen to on a lazy sunny afternoon.

Fire Tool

Fire Tool - Fire Extinguisher

The Firetool portable fire extinguisher is an aerosol-based fire extinguisher that is ideal for the caravan or motorhome. It can extinguish liquid, gas and electrical fires, comes with a 5-year warranty, is small and weighs just 500g.

The JE-50 is a NCC verified product and makes a perfect addition to any caravan or motorhome for added piece of mind.

Price: £39.99

Find on the Prima website


KUMA Caravan & Motorhome 4G mobile Wi-Fi kit

Wi-Fi connectivity for many is becoming a requirement for any trip away. Especially if you bring a moody teenager along for the holiday. Thankfully a great mobile Wi-Fi connection kit is available from Kuma (That’s Japanese for bear, apparently). The kit includes a Mi-Fi, hi gain antenna, USB charge cable and has 200Mb of free data each month.

This kit can be installed into the caravan and users simply join the Wi-Fi hotspot that the device creates. A simple yet effective method of getting on-line when touring.


Find on the Prima website


TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitor System

My next choice is a device I have had now for a couple of years. In fact, I have used it for so long, I almost forget how invaluable the TyrePal system really is. TPMS systems are quite common on modern cars and are starting to become popular on caravans. If you own a Series 4 Bailey Unicorn, the caravan already comes with TyrePal sensors built into the wheels.

If you don’t own a Unicorn, don’t worry. TyrePal pressure sensors are compatible with 99% of tyres and can easily be installed on any caravan. The sensors track the temperature and pressure of each tyre and notify a display unit that is mounted in the car. If pressure begins to drop or if the wheel gets warm, the display unit alerts the driver to a possible problem. This early notification informs the driver before any issue becomes too serious and allows plenty of time to slow and pull in at a safe location.

This gadget is compatible with single and twin axle caravans, and versions are available for motorhomes too.


Find on the Prima website


Cadac BBQ Grillio Chef 2

If you’ve been on a campsite recently, I’m sure you would have noticed a Cadac or two being used outside caravans and motorhomes. They are now increasingly popular due to their fantastic range of accessories and various cooking sizes. A Cadac is not really a BBQ, but instead a gas powered grill. The sizes of the various cooking plates and pans makes it an ideal platform for cooking communal dishes such as Paella, or a large cooked breakfast.

Cadac offer a wide range of accessories from tapas cooking sets, roasting pans and smoke chambers to give an authentic smoky flavour to the food. The system is very versatile and well worth looking into.


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Roberts Sports DAB 6 radio & loudspeaker

My final choice for my top 5 gadgets is a portable radio. I do love listening to the radio, my family on the other hand, not so much. So instead of using the radio in the caravan, I hide in the awning with a small radio. This Roberts Sports radio is a great little bit of kit with the added feature of DAB. DAB offers more choice of radio stations all in crystal clear digital sound. If you enjoy BBC 6 music or 4Extra then this little radio is a perfect companion.

The radio is small enough to fit in a pocket, so it won’t take up much space and can be recharged using a USB lead.


Find on the Prima website

So, that’s my top 5 gadgets for the caravan or motorhome. I’m sure as soon as this is published I will think of another item to add to the list. Perhaps I’ll make a new list in the Spring for essential summertime gizmos.