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The Matrix Fitness GP Season for rider Harriet

The Matrix Fitness GP, also known as the Tour Series, is a series of criterium races around the UK in May and June. The series is on television as an evening highlights show so automatically [...]

Rest, Relaxation & Race HQ

We all know how good a motorhome is at touring, taking the family to the seaside and escaping for a peaceful weekend of rest & relaxation but did you know the Bailey Approach Advance is [...]

Bikes, blood & Rubber Gloves

Performing at the top-end of any sport requires determination and energy levels of herculean proportions, but if you’re considering a foray into cycling, how much fitter are the front runners compared to someone who, at [...]

The Bailey of Bristol Bank Job

Joining the dots between a bank heist, a social club, a caravan, a walking frame and a paintball gun may seem like an impossible task but there’s common theme neatly knitting this unlikely list together [...]

10 reasons to upgrade your caravan this summer

The innovative Bailey Unicorn, Pegasus and Pursuit ranges, featuring award winning designs, offer you real benefits of ownership and a real reason to change. Here’s a list of just 10 of the reasons why you [...]

Powerboating & paddleboarding: extreme caravanning in the Pursuit

Derbyshire, Dorset, Devon & Cornwall. The first of which was Truma HQ. A couple of caravans ago, our new addition came with a motor mover and from that moment I’ve become so reliant on the [...]

Golden Years Director John Miller talks to us about filming with a caravan

If you read the Bailey Blog or follow us on social media you may know about our involvement with an independent British film, Golden Years. If you haven't heard about our Unicorn Valencia's starting role [...]

Golden Years Premiere with the Valencia ‘Getaway’

The Golden Years Charity Film Premiere, in aid of the Born Free Foundation, was being held on Thursday 14th April and the film production company, Moli Films, asked Bailey if we could display the caravan [...]

Filming Golden Years

How it all started….. One grey Monday afternoon in January last year I received a phone call from a gentleman called John Miller introducing himself as a film director asking if he could borrow a [...]

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